Evening study explained

Birkbeck is London’s only specialist provider of evening higher education. With classes held between 6pm and 9pm, your days are free for you to study, work, volunteer, or just do your own thing.

What’s more, you can study at a pace that suits you. In many subjects, you can choose to complete your degree full-time over 3 years, or part-time over 4 or 6 years.

Our academics are very experienced at supporting students who juggle busy lives and our facilities and support services stay open late.

So, if you want a different university experience, with a schedule that suits you, Birkbeck is the perfect choice.

Commitment and flexibility

When deciding which type of course and whether to study full-time or part-time, consider the commitment required for attending classes and undertaking home study.

A big chunk of time of your time will be spent on self-directed study at home or in the library, including preparing for classes and follow up afterwards. Everyone is different and the time needed for each topic varies, but we advise you schedule two hours of self-study for each hour of face-to-face teaching.

Every class will usually have required and additional reading. Most lecturers will give you a detailed readings for each class in advance or post links to articles via Moodle, our online learning environment.

Find out about our free advice sessions to help you discover the best way of balancing study with other commitments.

Choosing the right course

Whether you choose to study full-time or part-time you will receive the same University of London qualification. We encourage applications from students without traditional qualifications, as we base decisions on our own assessment of qualifications, knowledge and previous work experience.

In Stratford we offer 10 Certificates of Higher Education, three Foundation Degrees, six BSc/BA degrees in business and social science subjects and 17 short courses.

Full-time or part-time?

Full-time evening degrees

    • Full-time undergraduate degrees take three years to complete(just like standard full-time courses taught in the day elsewhere).
    • Teaching usually takes place 3-4 evenings per week
    • The academic year usually runs October to June.
    • Please see our course descriptions for details.

Part-time evening degrees

  • All undergraduate degree courses are available part-time.
    • Part-time undergraduate degree and certificate courses can be completed in four or six years.
    • Part-time certificate courses can be completed in two years.
    • Part-time curriculums are the same as full-time courses, although modules may change from year to year.
    • Teaching on a four-year degreee course usually takes place 2-3 evenings per week
    • Teaching on a six-year degree course usually takes place 1-2 evenings per week
    • The academic year usually runs October to June.
  • Please see our course descriptions for details.

Which qualification?

Start at the level that’s right for you, depending on your previous educational experience or qualifications. If you need help deciding which level would suit you best we offer a full range of education advice sessions.

Certificates of Higher Education

  • Enter university without traditional qualifications by doing a University of London certificate first. Certificates are usually taught one evening a week at first-year degree level and can be used to progress to study for a degree. Programme certificates have a set number of modules per year, although you can chose to study full- or part-time.
  • There are two main types of certificate: modular and programme. You can study a modular certificate at your own pace, taking one or two modules each year. 
  • Certificates usually combine compulsory and optional modules and feature learning and study skills support. 
  • We also offer a wide range of individual certificate modules as stand-alone short courses.
  • Some certificates prepare you for direct entry to degrees in particular subjects:

Foundation Degrees

  • Enter university without traditional qualifications by doing a Foundation Degree, before going on to complete a full BA/BSc degree. There are two options: full-time for two years or part-time for two years plus two terms.

BA/BSc degrees

  • We offer six BA/BSc degrees in business and social science subjects. In many subjects you can choose to complete your studies over three, four or six years, all by studying in the evening.