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Birkbeck short courses explained

Birkbeck’s short courses and certificates, taught in the evenings in central London and Stratford, offer the opportunity to:

  • boost your career
  • get a University of London qualification
  • gain the skills and qualifications to progress to a Birkbeck degree course

Most of our short courses do not have formal entry requirements. We encourage applications and enrolments from all students, no matter what qualifications you have or how long you have been out of education.

Short courses - direct enrolment

These are highly flexible programmes of study that usually last 10 weeks. They are often useful for professional development, as an introduction to a new subject area or the chance to try out a subject area before progressing on to more intensive study at Birkbeck.

Check our full list of direct-enrolment short courses.

Certificates of Higher Education

Our Certificates give in-depth knowledge of a subject and can be used to progress on to an undergraduate degree. They normally consist of a combination of compulsory and optional modules, allowing you to tailor the course to your needs and interests.

Certificates of Higher Education - modular enrolment

These highly flexible courses allow you to enrol for individual modules and build up your credits to gain a Certificate. Study at your own pace, take one or more modules per year and choose from a mixture of compulsory and option modules.

Check our full list of modular Certificates of Higher Education.

Certificates of Higher Education - programme enrolment

These are more structured programmes that are completed in 1 or 2 years and often require you to apply to study. They are made up of compulsory and optional modules studied in a predetermined order.

These courses are often used to progress onto a full degree course at Birkbeck and are ideal for:

  • studying at university level for the first time
  • career advancement
  • return to study

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