Postgraduate short courses (2018/2019 academic year)

Birkbeck, University of London offers a range of postgraduate short courses, taught part-time on our central London campus. Many of these courses and modules are taken directly from existing master's programmes and give students the opportunity to study at a postgraduate level without committing to a full programme of study. 

Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice (Wednesday 20-22 June and 25-26 June 2018, 9am-5pm) 

  • Module co-ordinator: Dr Derek Hook 
  • Assessment: the module will be assessed by a 4000-word essay.
  • This option introduces and explores Lacanian psychoanalysis by focusing on a series of distinct topic areas in Lacan's work, all of which are related to major publications within Lacan's over-arching objective of 'a return to Freud'.
    • The first of these concerns the topic of the imaginary, which includes an understanding of the mirror-stage and ego identifications.
    • The second centres on Lacan's understanding - influenced by Structuralism and linguistics - of the symbolic, which in turn involves reflection on the well-known credo that 'the unconscious is structured like a language'. Also crucial here is Lacan's engagement with the topic of time and interruption, that is, a distinctively psychoanalytic theorization of logical time.
    • A further fundamental topic is that of desire, and the subject's relation to the various vicissitudes of desire - the desire of the Other, fantasy, alienation and so on - all of which can be illustrated with reference to Lacan's 'graph of desire'.
    • Two further areas of focus include the Lacanian notion of psychosis and the issue of how one might psychoanalytically approach the issue of 'sexuation' (gender identity).
    • The course closes with a discussion of Lacan's thoughts on 'direction of treatment', that is, with a sense of how Lacan's theoretical axioms may be linked to practice, and how they inform critical and social forms of analysis.
  • Class dates/times: 
    • Wednesday 20 June 2018 9am-5pm
    • Thursday 21 June 2018 9am-5pm
    • Friday 22 June 2018 9am-5pm
    • Monday 25 June 2018 9am-5pm
    • Tuesday 26 June 2018 9am-5pm 
  • Fees: £1325 
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