Student stories

  • Caleb

    MSc Computer Science / System Analyst and Developer at Birkbeck College

    'Birkbeck Talent found me a job as a System Analyst and Developer in the CIS department at Birkbeck College.'

  • Anargyros

    MSc Management / Business Development Intern

    'Birkbeck Talent helped me to find two remarkable internships which have vastly broadened my experience and skills.'

  • Liam Matthews

    MSc Environmental Management (Countryside and Protected Area Management) (part-time)

    ‘The passion and enthusiasm that you get from the speakers is inspiring.’

  • Lauren Quinnell

    BSc Environmental Management (full-time)

    ‘The entire university setup has an amazing buzz’

  • Edita Zemgulyte

    MSc Geographic Information Science student (part-time)

    Former: BSc Environment Management student (full-time)

    ‘I loved all the modules but especially field trips to various beautiful places in UK’

  • David Allen

    BSc Social Sciences (part-time)

    'You can learn so much from your peers, on top of the taught material'

  • Tosh Modupe

    Current PG Certificate in Sport Management student (part-time)

    Former BSc Community Development and Public Policy student (part-time)

    'I enjoyed the structured course timetable and camaraderie of the students themselves'

  • Anne Dawson

    MSc Development Studies (part-time)

    'I find myself far more informed and impassioned than before'

  • Fernanda Costa

    BA History and Archaeology

    2015 recipient of Santander scholarship

    ‘Here it’s so good it’s unreal. You feel like you are getting so much.’

  • Diana Navia

    MSc International Management

    2015 recipient of Santander scholarship

    ‘The culture is different here compared to back home, people are warmer here. And I feel really safe too.’