The Bloomsbury Summer Programme 2017

The London Semester Programme at Birkbeck is delighted to introduce Birkbeck’s Summer Programme 2017. Drawing on the historical and intellectual legacy of our location in Bloomsbury in particular and London in general, this programme offers the unique opportunity to engage with an exciting and academically rigorous set of courses.

London in Literature

  • This course will focus on London and the literature it has inspired. It will begin with a consideration of Dickens’ exploration of the dark aspects of early-Victorian London and move through to the multicultural and post-9/11 city of writers like Martin Amis and Hanif Kureishi.

Media forms and institutions in Britain

  • This course explores British media (television, cinema, the press, the pop music industry), in the age of digitalization and the Internet.

London: growth of a modern world city

  • This module will explore how London-based institutions and individuals have been crucial in the creation and unmaking of a worldwide empire and how, in turn, the physical fabric, demographic makeup, economy and culture of London have been shaped by this experience.

British art and architecture in London

  • This course familiarises students with the history of British art and architecture from the Stuarts to the end of the Georgian era.

Shakespeare in London

  • This course introduces students to the plays of William Shakespeare and to the culture of theatrical performance today as well as in the time of the Renaissance.

International business

  • This course explores the strategy of international business, the analysis of international entry modes, including export and import strategies, foreign direct investment, and cross-border collaboration.