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British and European Cinema

Course outline

This course will explore a diverse range of films and variety of film-making practices within British and European cinema, plus methods with which to analyse and appreciate film. These areas will be addressed by an examination of examples from some of the major national movements and stylistic trends of European cinema history, including the British New Wave, German Expressionism, Italian Neo-realism, the French nouvelle vague, plus recent trends in film-making. Consideration will be given to the position of European cinema in relation to Hollywood and to the concept of national cinemas.


The aims of this module are to:

  • introduce you to a diversity of films and practices of British and European cinema
  • introduce you to methods with which to analyse cinema
  • extend your knowledge of film history and theory
  • enhance your appreciation of cinema.


On successful completion of this module you should be able to:

  • identify selected movements within British and European cinema history
  • identify and apply concepts of national cinemas
  • identity and apply critical approaches to European cinema
  • identify and apply selected approaches to film analysis.

Teaching and learning methods

A combination of methods will be employed:

  • viewing and analysis of films and film extracts
  • presentations by the tutor
  • class and group discussions
  • supporting materials
  • independent study outside of class.

Coursework and assessment

Assessed componentBasic requirementsWeightingDeadline
Essay 1 2000 words 33.3% Week 7
Essay 2 2000 words 33.3% Week 12
Examination Answer 2 questions 33.3% Week 14

Recommended reading

Reading specific to the set topics will be issued for each session, drawing on a wide range of texts. The following provide introductory overviews of areas addressed by the course:

  • Abrams, Nathan, Ian Bell and Jan Udris. Studying Film (2nd edition, Bloomsbury, 2010)
  • Bordwell, David and Kristin Thompson. Film Art: An Introduction (9th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2010)
  • Cook, Pam (ed.). The Cinema Book (3rd ed., BFI, 2008)
  • Nelmes, Jill (ed.). An Introduction to Film Studies (5th ed., Routledge, 2011)