Undergraduate entry requirements

  • Applicants from Brazil who have completed the Certificado de Ensino Medio or Vestibular/ENEM/SAEB/PAS will normally require a Foundation course for entry onto undergraduate programmes at the university. These offer the opportunity for guaranteed progression onto Birkbeck’s Bachelor programmes.
  • Applicants who have completed one year of a Bacharelato/Licenciado/Titular Profissional with a grade of 7.5/10 will be considered for direct entry.
  • Applicants with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or A-levels will be considered for direct admission to our undergraduate degree programmes. IB requirements range from 28–30, depending on the course.

Postgraduate entry requirements

  • Applicants from Brazil need to have completed a 4-year Bacharelado/Bacharel, Licenciado/Licenciatura/Licenciado Plena or Título Profissional from a recognised institution. For programmes requiring a 2:1, students should have received a minimum final grade of 7.0/10 or equivalent. For programmes requiring a 2:2, students should have received a minimum final grade of 6.0/10 or equivalent.
  • Titulo de Tecnologo are considered comparable to BTEC Level 5/HND Standard and so not suitable for entry to Master’s.
  • Relevant work experience may also be considered for students whose GPAs are slightly below the preferred requirements.
  • If you do not meet these criteria, you can apply for Birkbeck’s International Foundation Programme, which acts as a bridge between undergraduate and postgraduate study, preparing students to study a Master’s degree in the UK. There are progression pathways onto various courses at Birkbeck.
  • Another option is the Master's Foundation programme, which is available for 2- or 3-term progression onto a wide range of Master’s Degrees at Birkbeck.
  • Brazilian degree classification:
    • Numerical: 8.21-10.0 (alphabetical: A; alternative name: excelente; English translation or equivalent: 1st)
    • Numerical: 7.01-8.24 (alphabetical: B; alternative name: muito bom; English translation or equivalent: 2:1)
    • Numerical: 6.01-7 (alphabetical: B/C; alternative name: bom/regular; English translation or equivalent: 2:2).
    • Numerical: 5.01-6 (Pass; alternative name: Third Class).

Research degrees entry requirements

  • To be considered for entry to a research degree, applicants must have successfully completed a Mestrado (Master's degree) from a recognised institution; Mestrado Profissional (Professional Masters) is not generally acceptable as candidates are not required to undertake a dissertation.
  • Applicants are strongly urged to contact potential supervisors within the department before submitting a research application.

International scholarships

  • Science Without Borders: Birkbeck is pleased to be one of a select group of British universities invited to participate in the Science Without Borders student mobility programme, which offers funding to Brazilian PhD candidates.
  • 2017 Santander Scholarships: Birkbeck is pleased to offer various £5000 scholarships to students from Latin America who will be studying at either undergraduate or postgraduate level at Birkbeck during the 2017–2018 academic year.

International partnerships

  • Since 2010, the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck has had a formal link with the Department of Social Psychology and the Psychology Institute at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. The partnership includes staff and student exchanges.
  • Birkbeck also has agreements with The Federal University of Goias and The State University of Rio de Janeiro.