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Short-term accommodation options

Most halls of residence only offer long-term accommodation to students, with contracts from 40 to 51 weeks. However, a number of options are available should your stay be shorter:

Accommodation options outside of term-time

Over the summer, most halls of residence operate as bed-and-breakfast accommodation for members of the public. This is usually advertised on organisations' websites, such as Unite and other private halls

It is possible for full-time Birkbeck students to apply for rooms in the University of London Student Homes, which become available after the academic year has started. Through this scheme, the University of London offers rooms in shared accommodation. You would become a tenant of the University of London. You will be required to have a guarantor. Birkbeck cannot act as a guarantor for this scheme. 

Stay with a family

If you are an International student staying in the UK over Christmas, or if you live in a hall of residence and want to experience living with a family, then take a look at HostUK. HostUK is a voluntary organisation that has a network of UK residents who welcome International students into their homes for a weekend or over Christmas.