The Telephone Service, which is part of IT Services, is responsible for maintaining the telephone network at Birkbeck. All staff are provided with a telephone with voicemail capabilities, and you can forward calls if you are working remotely. You can also request a mobile phone for work purposes.

The following describes the existing phone system. A new phone system is being configured and will be rolled out across the University during late 2018 and 2019.

If you need to search for a staff phone number, please log in to My Birkbeck for Staff and use the Staff Directory feature.

Voicemail service

  • Our voicemail system picks up unanswered calls, queues callers for a person or a department, and collects structured information from outside callers. 
  • It also provides a mailbox facility. We recommend that you read the user guide in order to personalise your mailbox and find out how to leave and retrieve messages. 
  • A quick reference guide to voicemail features is also available.

Phone Handset codes

  • You can use the following functions on the phone handset on your desk: 
    • Group pickup: * * 3
    • Pickup: * 3 [extension number]
    • Transferring a call
      • Transfer: R [extension number]
      • Reclaim: R * 1
    • Call forward (follow me)
      • Set up: # 9 [destination number]
      • Cancel from own phone: # # 9
      • Cancel from destination phone: # 9 [own extension number]
      • Change destination (from remote extension): # 9 [own extension number] [new destination number]
    • Conference call set up: R [extension number]< R * 4
    • Do not disturb feature
      • To 'busy out' the phone: # 5
      • To cancel busy phone: # # 5
    • Short code dialling: # 6 [short code number]
    • Personal Abbreviated Dialling: # # 3 [short code] followed by required number
      • Store use: # 3 [short code]
    • Repeat last number dialled: # 7
    • Save last number dialled: R # 4
    • Recall: R
    • For more information on using these codes and setting up 'short code dialling' please contact Raymond Poole on +44 (0)20 3073 8097. 

Phone options for remote workers

  • There are three ways to take calls while working remotely. (Please note: you cannot make calls from your Birkbeck extension number while working remotely.) Please let budget holder for your department know that you are using these facilities. 
  • Sending voicemail message to email 
    • All voicemail messages left by callers ringing your extension can be forwarded to a designated email address. The voicemail message will be delivered as a WAV attachment, which can be played on most devices. 
    • To request voicemail forwarding to email, contact the ITS service desk with your extension number and email address. 
  • Forwarding external calls 
  • Home working feature 
    • If you work in the main Malet Street building or in Egmont House, it is possible to forward calls to your Birkbeck phone to a designated external phone.
    • Contact the IT service desk to request this feature. 
    • To activate home working: 
      • dial *#47# on your Birkbeck phone 
      • dial +44 (0)20 3073 8099 (Malet Street building) or 020 7380 3009 (Egmont House) from your designated external phone. Once connected you will hear a ring tone - press <yourextension>*6316*#.
    • To de-activate home working
      • dial #*406316# on your Birkbeck phone
      • dial +44 (0)20 3073 8099 (Malet Street building) or 020 7380 3009 (Egmont House) from your designated external phone. Once connected you will hear a dial tone. Press #*47.

Mobile phones

How to get help

  • All schools and departments have a nominated representative who is the primary contact for telephone-related matters.
  • Use Ask for Staff (log in to My Birkbeck for Staff and select 'Ask - Query Resolution'.
  • Use the telephone service request form to: 
    • move an extension 
    • request a new handset or other new facilities 
    • minor cabling work 
    • other equipment requirements. 
  • If you are organising a move or changes that will affect several people, please complete the moves and changes form
  • If you need any help, please contact us.