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Keerti Rajan

MSc Global Politics

'Birkbeck’s research has a solid international reputation and feedback from colleagues who had studied at the College gave me confidence in the standard of teaching. My day job was a very practical one, so it was really rewarding to be able to spend evenings having theoretical discussions about something I am passionate about.

'Continuing to work while studying helped me to keep my options open. The flexibility offered by part-time study enabled me to strengthen my academic credentials while broadening my experience in the business world.'

'Spending time with other mature students was very engaging.  Class discussions were not only grounded in our common interests but were enriched by the wide range of professional experiences that only mature students have. I was fortunate to make many friends on the course who supported and encouraged me.

'I wouldn't be where I am now without my qualification from Birkbeck. My studies have opened up new options for me in a different sector and given me the chance to enhance my career prospects, pursue a personal interest and grow intellectually.'

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'Class discussions were enriched by a wide range of professional experience.'