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Prime minister of secrets

Dr Ben Worthy on the short, closed premiership of Theresa May

"Theresa May will be remembered as a prime minister who liked to keep things hidden."

So argues Dr Ben Worthy is a new article published today on, titled 'Prime minister of secrets: the short, closed premiership of Theresa May'.

The article continues:

"Almost all of May's truly bad decisions, from the abortive National Insurance rise, to the snap election general election and the fatal dementia tax, were cooked up in a cabal and imposed without consultation with her Cabinet and government.

This secrecy also helped make for 'government by leaks' and increasingly frantic attempts to stop them (creating the wonderful headline 'Leak inquiry into leaking of letter warning about leaks'). By the end of the brutal snap election campaign, May seemed the epitome of secrets herself, unable to respond to simple questions or offer any information."

You can read the full piece on here.

Dr Ben Worthy is a lecturer in Politics at Birkbeck. His book, The Politics of Freedom of Information: How and Why Governments Pass Laws That Threaten Their Powerwas published by Manchester University Press this year.

Image credit: Prime Minister's Office (Flickr)