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Dr Patrick Coupar

Lecturer in Politics

Patrick joined the Department of Politics in 2009 and currently teaches on the postgraduate module Public Management: Theories and Innovations, and the undergraduate module Introduction to International Political Economy.

Patrick holds a degree in philosophy from University College London and an MSc in Global Politics from Birkbeck, where he also successfully completed his PhD research. His doctoral thesis concerns the analysis of policy reasoning and argues for an actor-network theory-informed understanding of the multivalent, entwined and morphing logics, which underpinned an international shift in policy orthodoxy relating to the governance of canalised irrigation systems.

Patrick’s current research interests include:

  • the analysis and conceptualisation of policy reasoning
  • the study of the production and spread of knowledge claims in national and international governance networks
  • the uses of philosophy and sociology of science in political analysis and, in particular, the critique of Kuhnian-Lakatosian models of the policy process and the development of actor-network theory-informed conceptualisations of policy rationalism
  • the investigation of the entangled nature of discursive and material features of policy processes
  • the critique of the movement towards evidence-based policy
  • and the study of the relationship between rationalism and the politics of hope.

Patrick Coupar

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