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A new chapter published by Professor Rob Singh explores the nature of US-Russia relations

02 October 2017

Dr Alex Colas and Dr Antoine Bousquet have each contributed chapters to a new anthology, Technology and World Politics: An Introduction

29 September 2017

Two new articles by Dr Ali Burak Güven out this month examine how Western multilaterals adapt to the rise of new powers in the global political economy.

25 September 2017

Amr Sobhy, who graduated from Birkbeck’s MSc Public Policy and Management in 2016, is an award winning Egyptian information activist, social entrepreneur, published author and poet.

20 September 2017

Dr Ben Worthy on the short, closed premiership of Theresa May

20 July 2017

Video of a SOAS talk given by Dr Alex Colas and Dr Liam Campling (QMUL).

06 July 2017

Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy ask why political scientists called the 2017 general election wrong.

22 June 2017

Lovenduski’s work has helped to define and develop the field of gender and politics within political science

12 June 2017

Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy present a pre-election podcast.

06 June 2017

In a new podcast, Dr Jason Edwards explores how populism has been deployed in several recent political events, and how it is currently being used in the UK general election campaigns.

19 May 2017

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