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The US election and the 'Special Relationship'

Rob Singh on UK-US relations in a post-Brexit, post-election world.

Whatever the outcome of the US election, "there seems minimal prospect for a renaissance of the Thatcher-Reagan or Blair-Clinton/Bush 'golden' eras", writes Professor Rob Singh in an essay published on the UK in a Changing EU project website.

Professor Singh considers the nature of the relationship between the US and a post-Brexit UK in the event of a Trump or Clinton presidency.

He writes:

"[Leaving the EU] eaves the UK even more dependent on the US to project global power – just when American attentions appear to be becoming more insular. Obama noted in April that a Leave vote would place the UK ‘at the back of the queue’ for a new US trade deal. Although he subsequently revised his initial formulation, it confirmed the relationship’s fundamental asymmetry, one that most Americans regard with little sentimentality."

Read the full piece on the UK in a Changing EU website.

Professor Singh's book, After Obama: Renewing American Leadership, Restoring Global Order, was published in May 2016.


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