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Our aims

Our principal aims are to:

  • enable mature students in full-time employment to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate study in Politics in fulfilment of the mission of the College
  • enable students to develop and deepen their understanding of the conceptual and theoretical bases of the disciplines, their methods of inquiry, and their domains of knowledge
  • offer students the opportunity to develop and deepen their skills of critical evaluation and analysis
  • enable students to develop and extend their key skills as a foundation for personal development, employment or further academic study
  • contribute to the needs of local, national and international communities

The Department's aims are realised in the fulfilment of the objectives defined for its programmes. All graduating students will:

  • be able to demonstrate the ability to apply critically the main theories, models and concepts used in the study of politics to the analysis of political ideas, institutions, processes, practices, developments and events
  • have developed an understanding and substantive knowledge of political processes and/or social and political theory
  • have extended and developed their analytical, evaluative and critical capacities
  • have developed transferable skills, including the ability to take responsibility for their own learning, learning how to learn, making oral and written presentations, planning and producing written assignments, working independently, and using information technology
  • have developed, where they complete a dissertation, the ability to undertake independent research.