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Samuel Guttenplan


Professor Samuel Guttenplan taught at Birkbeck for thirty-six years. He is now an Emeritus Professor and Fellow of the College. He was the founding Executive Editor of the interdisciplinary journal Mind & Language , and served a total of 24 years in that capacity. He continues as a member of the Editorial Board.

Sam is working on a book which extends one of the central ideas of his Objects of Metaphor (OUP 2005). In the new book, The Roots of Categorization (under contract with OUP), he will bring to bear both his earlier work on metaphor and recent work in developmental psychology on concept formation and language acquisition in order to reconceive the debate about the priority of language over thought, or of thought over language.

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A memoir of Sam's meeting and working with Isaiah Berlin (as research assistant) in New York in 1966 - was published in a volume celebrating the 100th anniversary of Berlin's birthday in June 2009.