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Alex Grzankowski

Lecturer in Philosophy



Alex Grzankowski is a Lecturer in Philosophy at Birkbeck since 1 September 2016. Before coming to Birkbeck, Alex taught at Texas Tech University and at the University of Cambridge. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013.

Research Activity

  • Alex’s research interests are primarily in the Philosophy of Mind, Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology.

    Much of Alex’s research focuses on intentionality and representation. An overarching aim of his work has been to provide a richer understanding of the metaphysics of representation and aboutness by looking at underexplored representational categories. In a series of recent papers, Alex has been concerned with the possibility of non-propositional mental states. Standard discussions of the source and nature of mental representation have focused on propositional attitudes, especially belief. There is, however, a whole class of familiar mental states that appear to be non-propositional, states such as loving a person, liking chocolate, and fearing snakes. Fully understanding intentionality and the mind more generally requires understanding this class of attitudes.

    Some of Alex’s closely related research concerns another variety of representation which many philosophers have taken to be non-propositional: pictures and other ‘iconic’ representations. Alex is especially interested in whether pictures have propositional content and how it is that their contents (whatever their natures) are determined.

    Most recently, Alex has been working on the metaphysics of propositions as well as the intentionality of the emotions and he also has research interests in free will.


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Research Supervision

  • Alex welcomes research students in any of the areas of his research interests, and is always happy to receive enquiries from prospective students.