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Seminars and Teaching

Plurals, Predicates, and Paradox Seminar

The PPP seminar is a research seminar associated with the project but open to faculty and research students in the London area.

In Summer 2012, the topic of the seminar will be Computation and Intension, and will be convened by Dr Walter Dean (Warwick) and Dr Sean Walsh. For further information, including the schedule, see here. In addition to sessions led by Mahrad Almotahari (Philosophy, Birkbeck), Marianna Antonutti Marfori (Philosophy, Bristol), and Jönne Speck (PPP), there will be various external speakers associated to the seminar, including: Samson Abramsky (Computer Science, Oxford), Marianna Antonutti Marfori (Philosophy, Bristol), Melvin Fitting (Philosophy, Math, Computer Science, CUNY), Peter Fritz (Philosophy, Oxford), Leon Horsten (Philosophy, Bristol), Kevin Klement (Philosophy, UMass), and Raymond Turner (Computer Science, Essex).

In Winter 2012, the PPP seminar was convened by Dr Salvatore Florio (Kansas State, Birkbeck) and Dr Sean Walsh, and dedicated to Formal Perspectives on Truth and Paradox (see here for description). There were several guest speakers associated with this seminar, including: Denis Bonnay (Paris X), Hartry Field (NYU), Martin Fischer (Munich), Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern), Volker Halbach (Oxford), and Leon Horsten (Bristol).

In Autumn 2011, the PPP seminar was co-convened by Dr Tim Button (Cambridge) and Dr Sean Walsh, and the topic was Philosophy and Model Theory. See the syllabus for more details. There were several guest speakers associated with the Autumn 2011 seminar, including: Timothy Bays (Notre Dame), Richard Kaye (Birmingham), Jeff Ketland (Munich), Angus MacIntyre (Queen Mary), and J Robert G Williams (Leeds). There was also a one-day workshop associated to the seminar on Tennenbaum’s theorem, with speakers: Walter Dean (Warwick), Volker Halbach (Oxford), Leon Horsten (Bristol), Paula Quinon (Lund), and Peter Smith (Cambridge).

In the last academic year, the PPP seminar was convened by Dr Øystein Linnebo. The topic for Winter 2011 was Indefinite Extensibility and the topic for Autumn 2010 was Plural and Higher-Order Logic.

Other Seminars

In Winter 2012, PPP hosted two mini-seminars, devoted to reflection principles (co-organized with Oxford) and groundedness (co-organized with Bristol).

In the academic year 2010-2011, there was also (i) a set theory seminar convened by Dr Sean Walsh in both Autumn and Winter, (ii) a project seminar wherein various topics in the history of set theory and logic were treated in preparation for the lectures by Ignasi Jané and José Ferreirós. For these and other past events associated to the project, see the events page.