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Reflection Principles in Set Theory

19 - 20 March 2012, Oxford, in co-operation with AHRC project  Inexpressibility and Reflection in the formal sciences, Oxford

Topics may include:

  • Motivations for reflection principles
  • Reflection principles and indefinite extensibilty
  • Reflection principles and higher-order logic
  • Reflection principles and the choice of linguistic primitives
  • Reflection principles and truth predicates
  • Reflection principles and logical consequence: Kreisel's problem

Monday  19 March
11.00-12.20 Sam Roberts (Birkbeck)
lunch break
1.40-3.00 James Studd (Oxford)
Philip Welch (Bristol)
Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota)
Tuesday 20 March
10.00-11.20 Sean Walsh (Birkbeck)
11.40-1.00 Jouko Väänänen
lunch break
2.30-3.50 Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State and St Andrews)
4.10-5.30 Joan Bagaria (Barcelona)

No formal plan has been made for lunch; a number of restaurants and other food outlets may be found on the High Street, a short distance from 10 Merton Street.

Conference venue: 10 Merton Street
The conference will take place in the lecture room, on the first floor of the Philosophy
Faculty, 10 Merton Street.
A map showing the location of the Philosophy Faculty may be found here:
Accommodation in Oxford
A very limited supply of basic but inexpensive accommodation in Oxford Colleges is
available to graduate students attending the conference. This will be allocated on a
first-come first-served basis. Please email to request a room.
More rooms in Oxford colleges may be found and booked here. General information about accommodation in Oxford may be found here.

If you have any queries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the conference
organisers, Sam Roberts and James Studd:

The workshop is a joint event of the projects


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