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Thursday Research Seminars 2016/17

All Scheduled 6–8 p.m.

Term 3

Venue: Room 102, 28 Russell Square

Week 1, 27 April: Cristian Constantinescu
‘What is wrong with discrimination in contact?’

Week 2, 4 May: Pablo Olvera Mateos
Topic: Aesthetics

Week 3, 11 May: Peter Jackson
‘Mental Causation’

Week 4, 18 May: Michael Segal
Topic: The Non-Identity Problem

25 May: This will be treated as Reading Week

Week 5, 1 June: Gurpreet Rattan (University of Toronto) will give a talk.

Week 6, 8 June: Tobias Beardsley
“Is Logic Inherently Normative?”

Week 7, 15 June: Russell Child
“Is All Moral Responsibility Ultimately Individual Responsibility?

Week 8, 22 June: Charlie Potter
"Can Philosophers Tell us How to Find Meaning in Life?"

Week 9, 29 June: Tom Frankfort
"Mental Causation"

Term 2

Venue: Hilda Porter Room, The Wesley, 81-103 Euston Street

Week 1, 12th Jan: Robert Northcott
‘Causal Judgement in a Probabilistic World’

Week 2, 19th Jan: Ashley Lane
Topic: Moral judgement

Week 3, 26th Jan: Andrew Newton
Topic: Complicity

Week 4, 2nd Feb: Anna Clarke
'If not now, when? Legitimacy, Crisis, and Recognition’

Week 5, 9th Feb: Sarah Kiernan
Topic: Applying Hegel's aesthetics to modern art


Week 6, 23rd Feb: Alex Grzankowski
'Navigating Recalcitrant Emotions’

Week 7, 2nd Mar: Michael Segal
‘Moral Luck and Punishment in Relation to Motoring Offences’

Week 8, 9th Mar: Steven Montgomery

Week 9, 16th Mar: Laurencia Sáenz-Benavides

Week 10, 23rd Mar: Tobias Beardsley
‘Can Nietzsche Overcome Nihilism?’

Term 1

Venue: Harvey Room, BMA House, Tavistock Square

Week 1, 6th Oct: Sarah Patterson
‘Descartes on Material Falsity and Sensory Ideas’

Week 2, 13th Oct: Russell Child
‘Marx on Ideology’

Week 3, 20th Oct: Atus Mariqueo-Russell
'Reforming Cost-Benefit Analysis'

Week 4, 27th Oct: Justin Manson
Topic: Causation

Week 5, 3rd Nov: Keith Hossack
‘Negative Facts’


Week 6, 17th Nov: Jane White
‘Concepts of Health and Sickness in Nietzsche’s Philosophy’

Week 7, 24th Nov: Robert Craven
A talk on an aspect of Kant’s philosophy

Week 8, 1st Dec: Martin Earl
‘Consciousness: Physicalism, Functionalism and Zombie Arguments’

Week 9, 8th Dec: Julian Newman
‘Processes and Epistemic Norms’

Week 10, 15th Dec: Hsuan-Chih Lin
Provisional title: ‘Propositions and Propositional Constituents’

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