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Dr. Fasbender’s research is about diversity management, intergroup relations, intergenerational knowledge transfer, late career development, older workers’ job search and transition to retirement. Her recent project on “Intergenerational Contact and Coworker-Support Behavior” has been funded by the British Academy (Award Reference: VF1\100674). Specifically, she is interested in the ways that older and younger colleagues operate at work to understand: what makes intergenerational relations successful at work? Her research is published in various top-tier journals, such as Human Relations, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. Furthermore, Dr. Fasbender is Consulting Editor on the Editorial Board of Work, Aging and Retirement (Oxford University Press) as well as Editorial Board Member on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Vocational Behavior (Elsevier).

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