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Supervision of PhD students

Current PhD students

  • Helen Cooper A narrative study to explore men’s experiences of changing occupation to take up non-professional work as a taxi driver.
  • Jane Setten The impact of marketisation on professional identity in the public sector
  • Kate Hinds The role of identity and causal beliefs in the production and use of knowledge of two charitable foundations
  • Claire Sandamas The Professional Working Mother: Individual and Organizational Experiences of the Early Years of Motherhood – Changing Identities and Employment Relations?
  • Adrian Ward : An exploration of sensemaking and gender in relation to leadership experiences of Organisational Politics

Past PhD Students


  • Michelle Gleeson : A Multi-Method Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Education on the Interpersonal and Career Roles of the Management Student in the Middle Years


  • Liz Stanley “Scumbag Millionaires”: the rhetorical construction and resistance of stigma during the financial crisis
  • Ann Means “Maybe it’s culture, and maybe it isn’t”: An exploration of the role of culture in participants’ making sense of performance over time in a culturally diverse project team.


  • Megan Joffe, An exploration of medical director identity and performativity
  • Yassaman Imani, Knowledge Management: Perceptions, Parameters, and Practice.


  • Liz Wiggins, The role of identity construction in the negotiation of team role and purpose amongst consultants on client projects.


  • Graham Mole, Managers in conflict: A longitudinal study of manager behaviour in interpersonal conflict at work


  • Zella King, The Development and initial test of a theory of career self management.