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Research interests

My main area of research interest is in individual identity and work, especially in cases where the two may be mismatched and under pressure to change.

My initial interest in transition and stability in individuals beginning work developed into specific concerns with how individuals negotiate identity at work, the impact of organizational values, organizational learning and especially, political processes in organizations. My theoretical focus shifted from social identity theory to a more discursive analysis of individual-organizational relations.

The organizational aspects are in the application and reinvention of Organizational Development and the construction of and resistance to evaluation of change.

My method interests are both in discourse analytic approaches and also in the use of multi-method research, with a focus on qualitative methods.

Research grants

  • 2010 KTP Transferability of A New Direction’s approach to Arts Education. With Dr Ben Cranfield from Arts Management, Birkbeck and A New Direction, Stratford (£41,000)
  • 2010 Desk killers: Compartmentalisation in Business Leadership.With Dan Gratton, Platform and Vicki Culpin, Ashridge (£2,500)
  • 2007 Understanding cross-organisational learning between funding and funded organisations in the King’s Fund Partners for Health Programme. With Richard Giordano and Kate Hinds King’s Fund, (£8,027.40)
  • 1997-1999 Innovation in employment contracts: An examination of the impact of different forms of employment contract on employee commitment, motivation and innovation. With Professor David Guest, Adrian Patch, Chris Smewing. ESRC grant L125251038 (£77,722) held jointly with David Guest under the Innovation theme.
  • 1997-2000 First ten years project. With Professor David Guest and Dr Jane Sturges. This project was supported by the Career Research Forum whose sponsorship paid for a Research Fellowship.
  • 2000 Diversity and culture in a police force. With Professor David Guest, Professor Philip Dewe and Adrian Patch Commissioned by a Police force to examine issues of fairness and discrimination within the force. (£3,800)

Invited Lecture

  • Key note address (2011) Identity, Boundaries and Transitions in Current Work Environments. Ministry of Defence Occupational Psychology Conference, Beckett House, Defence Academy, Shrivenham, Thursday 7th July.
  • Panel convenor (2011), Careers and resilience in organizations. Business week seminar Tuesday 28th June.
  • Master Class (2011) Leadership and Senior Doctors. NHS Education South West - Severn Deanery. With Megan Joffe. Tuesday 25th January.
  • Business week (2010) Medical director role and identity: translators, bridges and gatekeepers. With Megan Joffe
  • Why evaluate organizational change? Department of Economics, University of Coimbra, Portugal Friday 13th June, 2008.
  • Organizational Politics and Careers: Games your mother never taught you. Summer Seminar, Birkbeck Department of Organizational Psychology 1st July, 2008.
  • Why Change Fails. (2006) The Work Foundation, London, 16 November.
  • Conflict at work and how to manage it. (2006) Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Salisbury, 4 April.
  • Organization Development, (2006) Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Olympia Conference Session Chair
  • Organizational development and change or the wizard of OD. (2005) Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. London, 8th December
  • Evaluating change. (2005) The Kings Fund, London, 17th -18th October.
Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey

Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey

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