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Dean of College

The College Dean has an ombudsman role and acts as a confidential and impartial advocate:

  • For College staff in matters relating to their employment and progress in the College;
  • For College students in matters relating to their welfare in the College

The Dean is responsible for advising, moderating and acting as an advocate for staff and students, providing advice on the proper procedures to be followed when problems arise and assisting in resolving complaints and disputes.

Under the Students’ Union Code of Practice, Complaints by students against the Students’ Union are heard by a panel convened by the Dean in cases where the complaint has not been resolved by the Students’ Union Council.

The Dean shall receive the papers of all major College Committees and shall have the right to attend their meetings if not a member and to give advice on matters concerned with the welfare of staff or students. The Dean shall not be a member of or attend any Staff Review Panels.

The Dean is a member of Academic Board Executive Committee. Equalities Committee, Dignity at Work and is involved in the award of student Bursaries.

The Dean is nominated by Academic Board and appointed by Governors for a period of five years.

Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey

Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey

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