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Kevin Cheng

Kevin HC Cheng is an industrial and organizational psychologist. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong in 2003. He is a registered IO psychologist with the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS-RIOP). He is also a chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (CPsychol-BPS). His passion spans in multidisciplinary fields such as personality, organisational climate, leadership, creativity, and ageing psychology. His recent interests revolve around the effect of the environment and urban fabric on personality development and well-being.

Professional Memberships

  1. British Psychological Society (Full member; CPsychol since Jun 2017; #437089)
  2. Hong Kong Psychological Society (Division of Industrial and Organizational Psychology) (Associate Fellow since 2008; RIOP (2016-678) since May 2016)


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