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Current projects:

Patient Safety

A qualitative investigation into the pre-cursors of safe hospital environments. Data collection is under way at two large Intensive Care departments.

Disaster recovery

An investigation into the ways that communities become resilient led to the creation of a measure of Perceived Community Self-Efficacy. This was presented at the Global Risk Forum at Davos in 2016 and is in review for publication.


He has created an app that empowers students to learn together using their smartphones. It also enables lecturers to create interactive learning experiences in lectures and interact quickly and easily with students. The app is now being integrated into the student learning experience across Birkbeck and is planned to be a spin-out business.


  • £300,000:  Department for Transport (UK).  Support Our Security Officer. PI Leading a team of eight Aston members of staff from W&OP and OIM as part of a consortium formed by consultants Booz & Co researching security at airports.  Total bid value is £1M.
  • £500,000:  European Commission Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and security.  Joint with Shaw (PI) and Albores.  "Emergency Response by Government Organisations" (ERGO) is a pan-European project assessing preparedness of governments for major disasters.
  • £100,000:  EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Award for a fully funded DBA student (Kamla Mungal) researching capacity building through business school education in developing countries.  Joint with Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad.
  • £25,000: NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts):  Enhancing public engagement with science.  Project Supervisor funded by NESTA to oversee the projects being run at Open University (Prof Peter Taylor) and Bristol University (Prof Kathy Sykes).  Total project value £300,000. 2006/8.
  • £100,000:  AstraZeneca:  Future planning (with Shaw & Grojean) 2006/7.
  • £4,000:  Scottish Executive:  I wrote a new policy for Fire Officer training for first line incident commanders then trained senior trainers.  2006.
  • £40,000: Fire Service College: an ongoing series of incident command training projects. This has involved the application of my research in the design and delivery of training packages in emergency incident command at all levels of fire officer training. Total value of projects since 2000.
  • £10,000:  London International Stock Exchange - emergency response preparedness:  modelling, training and exercises. 2002.
  • £500:  HELM:  Male female imbalance on DBA programmes.
  • £500:  HELM:  Undergraduate tutorials - a case of the good getting better?
  • £500:  HELM:  Technology in teaching - what do students want?  Is this what they need?  Findings form the bsis for HEA conference paper.
  • £800:  TiLT:  To fund experimental use of SMS messaging with undergraduate module.  Findings form the basis for HEA conference paper.

Awards & Prizes

  • Positive Commendation, Aston Students’ Union 2013
  • Astonishing Aston Academic Award, 2013
  • Aston University Teacher of the year 2011
  • Aston University Teaching Award 2007
  • HEFCE Teaching Award 2005
  • Aston University Special Merit Award 2003
Professor Patrick Tissington

Professor Patrick Tissington

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