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Recent Publications

Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Tissington, P.A. & Senior, C. (2013) Use of social media to enable medical teams to work virtually (and better).The Lancet, 381 (9876), 11.
  • Tannahill N., Tissington P., & Senior C. (2012) Video games and higher education : What can “Call of Duty” teach our students? Frontiers in Psychology, 3, DOI=10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00210.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Senior, C. (2010). Social networks: a learning tool for teams? British Journal of Educational Technology, doi:10.1111/j.1467-8535.2010.01129.x
  • McKinney, R. E., Jr., Shao, L. P. & Tissington, P. A. (2010 October). Reducing dependence on big brother: Higher education looks for innovative funding opportunities. European Journal of Management, 10 (3).
  • Le, J. K., Tissington, P. A. & Budhwar, P. S. (2010) To move or not to move: a question of family? International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21 (1), 17-45.
  • Van Dick, R., Stellmacher, J., Wagner, U., Lemmer, G and Tissington, P. A. (2009) Group membership salience and task performance. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 24 (7), 609-626.
  • Van Dick, R., Tissington, P. A. & Hertel, G. (2009) Do many hands make light work? How to overcome social loafing and gain motivation in work teams. European Business Review, 21 (3), 233-245.
  • Matthiesen, J. K. & Tissington, P. A. (2008) The Four-Factor Taxonomy of Relocation Outcomes. Human Resource Development Review, 7 (2), 142-164.
  • van Dick, R., Ullrich, J. & Tissington, P. A. (2006) Working under a black cloud: How to sustain organizational identification after a merger. British Journal of Management, 17, pp. 69-79.

Books - Authored

Book chapters

  • Davis, A. & Tissington, P. A. (2007) Ergonomics. In S. Clegg and J. R. Bailey, (Eds) International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • van Dick, R., Stierle, C., Govaris, H., Tissington, P. A. & Kodakos, A. (2007) School teachers' well-being and job satisfaction: an analysis across countries and levels of explanation. In J. Lowstedt, P. Larsson, S. Karsten, & R. van Dick (eds.) From intensified work to professional development: A Journey through European Schools. Brussels: P.I.E Peter Land.
  • Tissington, P. & Zhou, Q. (2007) Preventing the avalanche - how to offer effective learning support to a large student group without becoming snowed inder. In Higson, H. (ed) Good Practice Guide in Learning and Teaching Vol 4 Quality Unit, Aston Business School: Birmingham, pp. 8-11.
  • Fay, D. & Tissington, P.A. (2004) Safety and risks, errors and accidents in different occupations. In C. Spielberger (Ed) Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology,  pp. 299- 307. New York: Academic Press.

Recent conference papers

  • Tissington, P., Rimoch, J. and Roussos, G. (2016) The Social Learning App (SLAPP). London Moodle User Group, Kings College London. December 14 2016.
  • Watt, F. and Tissington, P. (2016) “Save Yourself”: Predicting Whether Communities Will be Able to Prepare Themselves for Disaster. Global Risk Forum, Davos Switzerland, August 28-30 2016.
  • Tissington, P. A. (2010) Preparing the public for evacuation: the lessons from across Europe. Emergency Planning Society Core Cities Conference, Emergency Planning College, York, March 24-25.
  • Tissington, P. A. (2010) Segmentation of the population for the design of warning systems. ESRC Seminar on Mass Evacuations, Aston University, Feb 2/3.
  • Tissington, P. A., Davis, A. J. & McLumpha, A. (2009) Soft foundations of hard security. World Class Protection for Public and Strategic Buildings Conference, Abu Dhabi, Dec 13-14 (Invited Keynote Speaker).
  • Anson, S., Shaw, D. and Tissington, P. A. (2009) Preparing the public for evacuation through social marketing. International Conference on Evacuation Modelling, Delft, 23-25 September.
  • Tissington, P. A. and Anson, S. (2009) Preparing for major evacuations: Lessons from across Europe. Emergency Planning Society Major Flood Preparedness Conference, Nottingham, 9th July.
  • Tissington, P. A. (2009) Educating the public on evacuation preparedness. ESRC Seminar on Disaster Education, Cardiff, June 30th.
  • Hasel, M., Martin, R. & Tissington, P. (2008, December 9th). Is it me or us? The importance of individual and collective trust for performance. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on Studying Leadership, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tissington, P., Shaw, D. & Albores, P. (2008) Evacuation Responsivenes by Government Organisations. Operational Research Society Conference, York, England. 9-11 September.
  • Tissington, P., Clegg, B., Shaw, D., Albores, P., Dey, P. & Greasley, A. (2008) Supporting Security Officers: A Study of Operational Perormance. Production and Operations Management Conference, Tokyo, Japan. 5-8 August.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Reddy, P. (2008) A Word in your Ear: How podcasts can enhance the student learning experience. Higher Education Academy BMAF Conference, April 2008.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Reddy, P. (2008) Using funky support methods, essays can still be valuable and practical even in very large groups.Higher Education Academy BMAF Conference, Edinburgh, April 2008.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Reddy, P. (2008) Students just can't write essays - well not until they find out how! Psychology Learning and Teaching 2008 - conference presentation and published as a journal paper.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Reddy, P. (2008) Planes trains and automobiles: your new lecture theatre to podcasts. Psychology Learning and Teaching 2008.

Official reports

  • Tissington, P. A. & Davis, A. J. (2009) Security Culture: a validation study with UK airport security staff. Department of Transport.
  • Tissington, P. A. , Martin, R. & Dawson, J. (2009) Security at UK airports: the human in the loop. Department of Transport.
  • Tissington, P. A. & Weyman, A. (2009) Home Office consultation: Working Together to Protect Crowded Places. British Psychological Society.
Professor Patrick Tissington

Professor Patrick Tissington

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