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Almuth is an applied researcher wh ohas a strong commitment ot research with relevance to practice. Her expertise spans several topics in organisational/ occupational psychology and personnel psychology, including competence, rpofessional development and performance, worklife balance and the 'always on' culture and workpalce coaching. Her research has been funded by the Minsitry of Defence, the College of POlicing, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Home Office. She is a valued and sought after collaborator and relishes owrking in interdisciplanry teams. Almuth has won awards for her research and for her commitment to furthering the practice of psychology in the workplace in the UK and its underpinning standards.

She is regularly sought as a contributor and commentator to the press and radio, fulled by her belief that research needs to speak to organisations directly to have impact and contemporary relevance.

Almuth favour smulti-method reserch where suited to the research questions, as organisational phenomena are complex and rarely udnerstood through one lens alone.

It is one of her passions to work in depth with doctoral students, who have undertaken research in topics such as validating and investigating leadership behaviours in Asia, Workplace Performance, Situational Processing in Simulated Assessment, Coaching Competence and Adjusting for disability in the workplace.

PhD Supervision

Over the past 9 years, I have supervised a number of students to completion and I am in the process of supervising several more. I am always interested to hear from prospective PhD students, as long as their reesarch interests align with my expertise, both topic wise and methods wise.

Current students

  • Shafag Garayeva, from October 2017: positive thinking in organizations (funded by internal scholarship)
  • Kirsty Lauder, from October 2016 (fully funded by internal scholarship), topic is attention deficit disorder and workplace adjustments in adults
  • Jenny Kananov, from October 2016 (fully funded by internal scholarship), topic is work-life balance and attention deficit disorder
  • Jeremiah Koh, from January 2016 (full-time full bursary by the Singapore Ministry of Defence) on resilience; second supervisor Duncan Jackson
  • James Brooks, from October 2015 on digital entrepreneurship; part-time; second supervisor Kate McKenzie-Davey
  • Nancy Doyle, part time since 2013; the topic is coaching as a reasonable adjustment for dyslexic adults

Students who have completed

Svenja Schlachter, supervision team with Mark Cropley and Ilke Inceoglu, University of Surrey December 2017

Yi-Ling Lai, completed in 2014, the topic was the coaching relationship. Please find her academic web-page here: This is what Yi-Ling says about our work together:

"Almuth demonstrated the best example of how a constructive “coaching relationship” brings a positive impact on outcomes, by asking me constructive questions rather than “tell” me, facilitating me to think and generate the solutions / plans we both are happy with and developing my critical thinking."

Michael Burnett, completed in 2014, the topic was how to understand and disentangle situational judgment tests from a more cognitive perspective at the University of Surrey. His personal web-page is here. Michael says about our work together: "‘Almuth kept me organised and focussed on what I had to do at every stage.  She is happy to give direct feedback including when I didn’t achieve what I had promised!"

Céline Rojon, University of Surrey Faculty bursary, co-supervised with Professor Mark Saunders, completed 2013; topic was individual workplace performance. You can find her academic web-page here, we continue to work together as friends and fellow academics: This is what Celine says about our time together: "Almuth co-supervised my PhD with a colleague in the Business School. I found her to be an excellent supervisor in many ways: Not only did Almuth provide continued and timely support, she also challenged my thinking and placed high demands on me. She further facilitated learning between her PhD students and opened up networking opportunities, which has been very valuable to me. In my view, Almuth is a really good supervisor for a PhD candidate who can demonstrate that they are strongly motivated and committed to doing high quality research , who is not afraid to work hard for a number of years and who can cope with constructive criticism."

Mazlina Muhammad, funded by Bank Negara Malaysia, completed completed in 2012 at the University of Surrey, the topic was the validation of a leadership framework in a non-Western context

Neil Cameron Scott – supervised with Professor John Rust, completed in 2008, the topic was adverse impact in ability testing

Lina Daouk-Oyry – funded by departmental bursary from City University supervised with Professor John Rust , completed in 2009, the topic was the cross-cultural validation of a big five measure. Her academic web-page is here:

Dr Almuth McDowall

Dr Almuth McDowall

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