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  • Berry, D. and Kamau, C. (2016). Public Policy and Media Organizations. [2nd edition]. Routledge: London/New York.

Articles (2014-2017)

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  2. Medisauskaite, A. and Kamau, C. (2017). Prevalence of oncologists in distress: systematic review and meta-analysis. Psycho-Oncology, doi:10.1002/pon.4382 (J.I.F. = 3.256)
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  4. Kamau, C. (2016). Is the NHS mental health service preparing clients to resume employment? Psychiatric Services, 67; 578-579.              (J.I.F. = 2.412)
  5. Medisauskaite, A. and Kamau, C. (2016). Guiding trainee pediatricians to cope with grief. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics,37(6),523. (J.I.F. = 2.129)
  6. Kamau, C. (2016). Vulnerability of emergency surgery to the working conditions of new doctors. Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 98(8), 354-357.
  7. Kamau, C. (2015). Should clinical experience be a precondition for a job in NHS management? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 108(4), 120-121. (J.I.F. = 2.118)
  8. Kamau, C., Medisauskaite, A. and Lopes, B. (2015). Inductions buffer nurses job stress, health and organizational commitment. Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health, 70, 305-308.
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  10. Kamau, C. and Spong, A. (2015). A student teamwork induction protocol. Studies in Higher Education, 40(7), 1273-1290. ABS***
  11. Clements, A. and Kamau, C. (in press). Understanding students' motivation towards proactive career behaviours through goal-setting theory and the job demands resources model. Studies in Higher Education. ABS***
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*J.I.F. = journal impact factor

Articles and book chapters (2005-2013)


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