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Expert teaching

As a Birkbeck student, you can be sure you’re getting an unrivalled teaching and learning experience. Birkbeck has consistently ranked number one in the annual (UK) National Student Surveys.

You’ll find that our academic staff have a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting and encouraging students tackling academic challenges. The combination of academic expertise and friendly approach results in a truly inspirational learning experience for Birkbeck students.

We use a range of teaching approaches, designed to engage our students directly in their learning, among them:

  • Formal lectures: these are used to give an overview of a particular field of study. These aim to provide the stimulus and the starting point for deeper exploration of the subject during your own personal reading.
  • Discussion classes and seminars: these give you a chance to interact with your peers and develop insights into analysing and interpreting the subject matter you are learning.
  • Group work: some of our modules involve group work, which gives you the opportunity to learn the best way to make group decisions, as well as learn how to take a leadership role.

Find out more about our teaching staff here.

An inspiring teaching and learning experience

An inspiring teaching and learning experience

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