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Network learning-computer conferencing

Our MSc in Organizational Psychology is offered by Network (or Distance) learning as well as face to face in the evenings. This flexible approach is especially useful for people who cannot attend Birkbeck regularly. Our approach to network learning has been a popular and successful means of study for our organizational psychology students since 1989.

Organizational Psychology (MSc) (also offered via evening teaching)

Our network learning programme differs from other distance programmes as it includes attendance at termly weekend workshops. Teaching is through tutor facilitated computer conferencing in addition to online materials. This blended mode of teaching retains the flexibility of a distance learning programme but avoids the isolation often experienced on conventional distance learning programmes. Find out what our students have to say by watching our video.

The delivery of programmes via computer conferencing enables you to study from anywhere in the world, at any time - from home, from work or on the train. By contributing to online discussions, you will examine set topics in tutored groups of 15-20. Within a structured three-term teaching year, you can contribute to the conferencing discussion at the times that suit you best. All contributions are stored, and you have the benefit of being able to make reflective and considered contributions, as well as being able to save all contributions, to keep a permanent record of the discussion on a particular topic.

Computer conferencing is combined with online materials including lecture recordings and essential reading material. Termly weekend workshops include lectures and face to face group work and the opportunity to meet tutors.

Weekend workshops

There are five weekend workshops that all MSc Network Learning students must attend. The workshops generally run from late afternoon on Friday through to lunchtime on Sunday and may include evening activities. The workshops are non-residential and take place here at Birkbeck in Central London.

For 2017-18, the first weekend workshop will be from 13.00 Friday 28th September to 13.00 Sunday 30th September. This will include induction to the programme, introductions to your tutors and peers and work on the first two modules: Research Methods and Life Career Development. If you are taking the programme in one year you will also attend the following weekend 17.30 Friday 5th October to 13.00 Sunday 7th October. This will focus on Understanding Organizational Change and the Research Project.

You can find out about the history of our distance learning programme here

Distance learning courses

If you are unable to attend weekend workshops in London, you may find the London International web site helpful. This outlines MSc or Postgraduate Diploma programmes in Organizational Psychology or Human Resource Management by distance learning, via University of London International Programmes:

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