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Alec Rodger memorial lectures

Since 1983, the Alec Rodger Memorial Lectures have been held annually to honour the department’s legacy and the influence of one of its founding members. Occupational Psychology has a rich history, and we are committed to carrying this legacy into the future. The lecture series is funded by the T. Richie Rodger Research Fund, which is managed by the British Psychological Society. This fund was set up by Alec Rodger, the first Professor of Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck, in memory of his father.

Speakers are invited by the Department of Organizational Psychology, and are chosen on the basis of a distinguished record as an academic, in public service or in commerce, with demonstrable impact on organisations. The memorial lectures are a festive, reflective and highly stimulating event. Do join us.

YearSpeaker (link to profile)Title of lecture (link to video)
2017 Professor Ellen Ernst Kossek New Frontiers in Work-family Research: A Vision for the Future in a Global World
2016 Dame Sandra Dawson DBE FAcSS Bridging the Gap – from Weber to Where?
2015 Professor Lynda Gratton How our world will change - and what it means for us
2014 Adrian Moorhouse MBE What can business learn from sport?
2013 David MacLeod Engage for Success, putting people at the heart of our approach
2012 Professor Andrew Pettigrew OBE Scholarship with Impact
2011 Professor Tom Cox CBE Resilience: People, Organisations and their Communities
2010 Professor Dame Carol Black Maintaining the Health and Wellbeing of the Working Age Population
2009 Professor Stephen Fineman Getting Critical About Emotion
2008 Mary Chapman Management Futures: fit to lead tomorrow's organisations?
2007 Professor David Guest The Psychological Contract: was it ever worth taking seriously?
2006 Professor Toby Wall Management Practices and Company Performance: A Policy Perspective
2005 Dr Colin Mackay Psychology in Health and Safety: research, policy and action
2004 Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE The disposal workforce
2003 Will Hutton Companies on the cusp
2002 Professor John Arnold Matching person to occupation in career choice
2001 Binna Kandola Managing Diversity, Dealing with Prejudice
1999 Professor John Burgoyne The Learning Company Ten Years On - What Have We Learned?
1998 Lord Monks What about the Workers at the Millenium?
1997 Professor Nigel Nicholson
1996 Professor Karen Legge Human Resource Management and Ethics
1995 Professor Edward E Lawler
1994 Judge Tumin What are Prisons About?
1992 Joanna Foster
1991 Professor Roger Williams
1990 Professor Henry Mintzberg Managerial Work Revisited
1989 Professor Mike Cooley
1988 Professor Chris Argyris
1987 J Graham Day Organizational Development Strategy
1986 Professor Enid Mumford
1985 Peter Warr
1984 Professor Charles J De Wolff
1983 Denis Pym Beyond Rationality and Employment