New books on multilingualism

New publications look at multilingual child-rearing and language anxiety

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele from Birkbeck’s Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication has recently published two new books on multilingualism: Raising Multilingual Children and New Insights into Language Anxiety. Theory, Research and Educational Implications. Both are published by Multilingual Matters.

Raising Multilingual Children

Professor Dewaele, together with two other linguists who – like him – have raised trilingual children, combine academic research and personal anecdote about the benefits and challenges of raising multilingual children in this book aimed at parents and educators.

In this podcast and blog, Professor Dewaele talks about how multilingualism can benefit children and societies and debunks some of the common myths about multilingual child-rearing.

The book launch of Raising Multilingual Children and a public lecture will be at Birkbeck on Friday 23 June 2017.

New Insights into Language Anxiety

Foreign language anxiety is characterised by feelings of unease, worry and nervousness when learning or using a second language. This book provides an overview of current theory, research and practice on this topic, including information about different strategies and activities that can be incorporated into language teaching to alleviate language anxiety.

Professor Dewaele said: “Foreign language anxiety can severely impact a student’s ability to enjoy – and even to learn – another language. However, there are ways that teachers can support students to move beyond their feelings of unease and to thrive in their second language. This book looks at the theory and practical ideas to support language learners and teachers so that people are able to enjoy the richness of experience and language that multilingualism can bring.”

The book launch for New Insights into Language Anxiety and public lecture will be held on Friday 19 May at Birkbeck, followed by a drinks reception.

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