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Monthly seminar series

The Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre organises a monthly seminar series, focusing on topics of current interest. All are welcome to join us. All seminars take place between 18:00 - 19:30 at Birkbeck Malet Building, room G23.

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1st November 2019

Designing effective CSR strategies that benefit the ‘distant others’.

Dr Ioanna Boulouta
BRBC director
Lecturer in Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
Birkbeck College

29th November, 2019

A political process view on collective action: Translating conflicting interests into a global co-regulatory institution

Prof. Juliane Reinecke
Professor of International Management and Sustainability
King’s College

31st January, 2020

Coordination of Collaborative systems

Dr. May Seitanidi, Dr. Bimal Arora, Dr. Aparna Gonibeed, Ms. Divya Jyoti


Dr. May Seitanidi
Reader in Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility
University of Kent

Dr. Aparna Gonibeed
Senior Lecturer in Management
University of Kent

28th February, 2020

Who Trust NGOs within the “Security Wall”? An Exploratory Analysis of the Palestinian Case

Dr Luca Andriani
Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies, director
Lecturer in Economics
Birkbeck College

27th March, 2020

The Spillovers of Pro-Environmental Employee Behaviour: A Stealth Marketing Intervention for Workplace Health Behaviour Change?

Prof. Danae Manica
Professor of Marketing
Newcastle University

29th May, 2020

Social Entrepreneurship

Dr Muthu De Silva
Deputy Assistant Dean and Deputy Head of Department of Management
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Birkbeck College

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