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BBKNewsItem Octet StreamSmoking cigarettes in adolescence associated with paranoia
New research from Birkbeck’s Department of Psychology shows an association between regular cigarette smoking in adolescence and paranoia, even after accounting for several other possible factors.
BBKNewsItemMajor new international research hub to tackle child stunting
Birkbeck will develop a decision support tool which will enable users to compare the impact and outcome of interventions undertaken during this major project.
BBKNewsItemThe Eye of War
A new book from Dr Antoine Bousquet explores the impact of global, individualised targeting technologies on modern-day warfare.
BBKNewsItemMadness and the demand for recognition
A new book by Dr Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed, Wellcome ISSF Research Fellow in Philosophy and Psychiatry at Birkbeck, explores the hopes of Mad activists for a new understanding of madness in society.
BBKNewsItem text/texmacsElizabeth and Daniel Peltz OBE fund new scholarships in the School of Arts
A £75,000 gift will enable multiple students to undertake a postgraduate course at Birkbeck over the coming years, thanks to the generosity of Elizabeth and Daniel Peltz.
BBKNewsItemNew exhibition explores Leonardo da Vinci’s impossible machines
'Leonardo da Vinci and Perpetual Motion: Visualising Impossible Machines' opens at The Peltz Gallery from 6 February – 12 March 2019.
BBKNewsItemDrama by Birkbeck Professor uncovers Ireland’s history
'Resistance', which follows the lives of protagonists caught up in the Irish War of Independence, begins on Sunday 6 January.
BBKNewsItemBirkbeck Scientist Collaborates on NASA’s New Year’s Day Mission
The New Horizons probe will reach Ultima Thule - the most distant object ever explored - on 1 January and capture 50 gigabytes of data to send back to earth
BBKNewsItem Pascal source codeBirkbeck and Santander celebrate pioneering partnership
The College welcomed Santander in an evening that celebrated the success of the entrepreneurial Pioneer Programme and other projects funded by Santander Universities.
BBKNewsItemBirkbeck transformed into 221b Baker Street in ‘Holmes & Watson’
The School of Arts building features as Sherlock Holmes’ famous residence in a new film starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.
BBKNewsItem chemical/x-pdbPresident of Birkbeck calls for protection of scholarship and research in Brexit agreement
Baroness Joan Bakewell spoke in the House of Lords about the value of British universities and the threats they face through the Brexit process.
BBKNewsItemCelebrating Birkbeck’s Foundation
Keynote speaker Sacha Romanovitch praised Birkbeck’s ethos of inclusivity and curiosity at the College’s annual Foundation Day dinner.
BBKNewsItemWhy Rosalind Franklin should be the face of the new £50 note
The former Birkbeck scientist was instrumental in the discovery of the structure of DNA, but the Nobel Prize bore only the names of her male colleagues.
BBKNewsItemBirkbeck calls for the way part-time degrees are funded to change to reduce tuition fees by 50%
Part-time degrees are important drivers of social mobility and will be vital to reskilling the workforce post-Brexit by enabling people to work whilst studying, but the number of part-time undergraduates has more than halved since tuition fees increased dramatically in 2012.
BBKNewsItemBirkbeck Psychology department in UK top ten
The latest Times Higher Education World Subject Rankings rank Birkbeck's Department of Psychological Sciences third in London and ninth in the UK
BBKNewsItemGlobal prison population soars
Prison populations continue to soar in much of the world, a new report published by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research shows.
BBKNewsItem text/texmacsThe Reluctant Internationalists
Looking back at The Reluctant Internationalists project, after four years of collaboration with exceptional researchers from across the world.
BBKNewsItemCelebrating Student Success
Nearly 800 students will celebrate completing their studies with friends and family during three days of graduation ceremonies at Birkbeck.
BBKNewsItemProfessor Paul Watt to co-chair Haringey Fairness Commission
The commission will work to tackle inequality and ensure services meet local needs, and will benefit from Professor Watt’s academic research into social inequalities, social housing, communities and urban regeneration.
BBKNewsItemChildren’s sibling relationships ‘at risk’ in care and adoption proceedings
Research from Birkbeck's Professor Daniel Monk and Dr Jan Macvarish examined why siblings lose contact in adoption or care proceedings, often against their wishes, and despite the professional recognition of the importance of sibling relationships.