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Boughton Studentship awarded to outstanding PhD candidate

The School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy has selected Olivia Engle for the Margery Boughton Studentship, funded by a generous legacy donation from its namesake's late alumna.

Olivia Engle, student of the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy and recipient of the Boughton Studentship

The Boughton Studentship has been awarded to Olivia Engle, enabling her to undertake a PhD in Development Studies at Birkbeck. The studentship is made possible due to a very generous legacy donation from Margery Boughton, an alumna of Birkbeck College.

Margery graduated in 1955 with a BA in History. She went on to become a senior academic. As a gift in her will, Margery chose to support future students in the School to study and thrive. The Boughton Studentship will provide a fee waiver for Olivia’s student fees, as well as a stipend to support her living costs throughout her doctoral studies. 

Olivia is grateful to the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy for awarding her the studentship as well as to Boughton for her ground-breaking legacy at Birkbeck. She said: “Her ground-breaking legacy at Birkbeck, history is one of the many disciplines that informs my research on migration and reproductive rights in Latin America. I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue my PhD at Birkbeck with funding from the studentship.”

Professor Matthews Davies, Executive Dean of the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy commented:

“We are delighted that Olivia Engle is joining us through the 2019 Boughton Studentship to undertake her PhD studies at Birkbeck. The funding, from the estate of the late Margery Boughton, an alumna of Birkbeck, allows us to make awards to exceptional students studying topics in history and in interdisciplinary areas. Olivia’s research connects with several key themes of research in our School, including migration, gender and development studies, and we look forward very much to seeing how her research progresses.”

Applications for the 2020/21 studentship are open and will be available to a student working in the field of history (broadly defined), with a record of academic excellence.

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