Birkbeck in the media

Birkbeck in the media

August 2017

  • Flying colours: Dr Joel McKim comments on artist Marina Amaral's colourised versions of iconic black and white photos for CTV News
  • Female politicians and babies: Jessica Smith tells the BBC that the prominent idea of women is still that they are mothers
  • Venezuelan unrest: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera says the majority of Venezuelans fear the return of the rightwing to power more than the alleged incompetence of Maduro in the Guardian
  • The Russian Revolution - made in London?:  Dr Brendan McGeever takes Tom Holland to the forgotten home of Bolshevism in BBC Radio 4's Making History

July 2017

  • Going underground: Dr Melissa Butcher discusses the social life of subways on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed
  • Astrological exploration: Professor Ian Crawford argues that looking for aliens provides social benefit (even if we don't find any) in The Conversation
  • London Olympic legacy: Paul Watt discusses his new book evaluating the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games for low-income Londoners on MailOnline
  • The FBI's most wanted woman: Robert Singh discusses the life of Assata Shakur, a political activist in the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s, who is now on the FBI's list of most wanted terrorists on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour
  • Europe's 'Brexit envy': Professor Eric Kaufmann comments on demography as the driver of majority attitudes on MailOnline
  • Peer-review: Professor Martin Eve from says that scholars are ignorant of many aspects of peer review for a feature in Times Higher Education
  • Prejudice and Pride: Professor Matt Cook features in three-part Radio 4 series to accompany the Tate's Queer British Art Show
  • Mature students: EdQuarter features a new report which says universities should make more effort to recruit mature students, using Birkbeck's outreach initiatives as an example
  • European power politics: the Washington Times reviews Professor Jan Rüger's book, Heligoland: Britain, Germany and the Struggle for the North Sea

June 2017

  • Racism and whiteness: Dr Jawiria Naseem answers the BBC's Big Questions about whether white people can be victims of racism
  • Grenfell tragedy: Paul Watt says the large-scale demolition of towers cannot be justified by design failings in a Reuters report
  • What is an Orangeman?: Professor Eric Kaufmann explains the Northern-Irish Protestant fraternity in i News, in the context of the Conservative Party's deal with the DUP
  • The Compass Project: Migrants' Rights Network reports on Birkbeck's scholarship programme for asylum seekers
  • Tuition fees: Claire Callender, Professor of Higher Education Policy, comments on young people's disquiet regarding student finance in the Guardian
  • "Making bad people worse": Research from Birkbeck's Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR) features in The Economist, on the problems of imprisonment, and how bad prison conditions can lead to reoffending
  • Manchester terror attacks: Professor Eric Kaufmann from the comments on the impact of 'majority withdrawal' on the demographics of urban areas in the Financial Times [paywall]
  • UK general election: Professor Rosie Campbell looks at how people decide who to vote for, for the BBC 
  • Foetal face recognition: Mark Johnson from the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development comments whether foetuses can recognise face shapes in utero in New Scientist

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

  • Happy birthday to EU: Dr Dermot Hodson co-authored an article in The Washington Post on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the EU
  • Too much excellence?: Research by Professor Martin Paul Eve showing that overuse of the word excellence has eroded its meaning, has been covered in the Chronicle of Higher Education and Nature News
  • Impact factor: Nicole Cruz, PhD candidate in Psychological Sciences, comments on the myth that papers published in low-impact journals are low-quality scientific contributions in The Scientist
  • The ‘Halo Effect’: Professor Eric Kaufmann comments on the phenomenon which sees more votes for far-right politicians close to diverse areas - but not actually within them - in the New York Times
  • UK news plurality: A letter expressing concern over the proposed Fox-Sky News merger, signed by Dr Justin Schlossberg, is published in the Guardian
  • Women's strikes: Professor Joni Lovenduski comments on the Icelandic women's strike of 1975 in an article in Vice News
  • Young people and crime: Professor Mike Hough comments in an Economist article about the fall in crime rates among young people
  • Parkinson's Disease app: A new app, developed by Professor George Roussos, which can track progression of Parkinson's Disease symptoms over time is covered in New Scientist magazine
  • Wells and Woking: Professor Roger Luckhurst comments on HG Wells life and work for a BBC Radio 4 programme, 'A new red world'
  • Gender equality: Professor Joanna Bourke looks back at the history of women's rights on the BBC World Service
  • Commonwealth Games: Dr Geoff Walters is interviewed on BBC Merseyside about whether Liverpool could host the Commonwealth Games in 2022
  • Abortion law reform: A letter about reforming abortion law to take pre-viability abortion out of the criminal law, published by Daniel Monk, is published in the Guardian
  • Learning styles: A letter about the lack of evidence for learning styles and their use in educational techniques, signed by Professor Michael Thomas, is published in the Guardian
  • BA and industrial relations: A letter about BAs industrial relations with its cabin staff, signed by Professor John Kelly, is published in the Guardian
  • Empire of things: Professor Frank Trentmann's Empire of Things is reviewed in Financial Review
  • Market Research: Research Live reports on Dr Dan Nunan's study into the decline of the term market research, and its replacement with terms such as data science, business intelligence, insight
  • Gender balance in parliaments: Professor Rosie Campbell's work on reforming parliaments to make them more gender balanced is covered in several Australian newspapers (Canberra TimesBrisbane Times, WA Today, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald,
  • White racial self interest: A new report by Professor Eric Kaufmann, claiming that white racial self interest is not the same as racisim receives coverage in The Times [no link], the Financial Times [no link] and El Pais [in Spanish]

February 2017

  • Burnout among oncologists: Dr Caroline Kamau and PhD student Asta Medisauskaite's paper on alarming levels of burnout and stress in oncologists is covered by the Guardian
  • How voters decide: Professor Rosie Campbell presents Radio 4's Analysis, looking at how voters make decisions on who to vote for
  • Home truths: Dr Paul Watt takes part in a BBC1 documentary about the places we call home
  • Trump and the Alt-Right: Professor Eric Kaufmann is interviewed on Sky News about Trump and the Alt-Right movement
  • General strike against Trump: Professor John Kelly writes for the Washington Post about the success and regularity of previous general strikes
  • Trump and Russia: Professor Robert Singh is interviewed by Share Radio about Trump and his links to Russia
  • Cold War lessons: Professor Daniel Pick and Dr Sara Marks write for the Chatham House magazine - The World Today - about  how Cold War era ideas of brainwashing and mind control can offer lessons for thinking about radicalisation and de-radicalisation today
  • Empty prisons: Data from Birkbeck's ICPR is quoted in widespread news coverage about the Netherlands' surplus of prison cells (Seattle Times, International New York Times, El Periodico de Mexico and others)
  • Welcoming Britain?: Professor David Feldman writes about Britain's mixed historial record on welcoming refugees in History Extra
  • Autism detection: a new project involving researchers from Birkbeck's Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development and reported in Health Medicine Network aims to introduce new low-cost ways of detecting autism in Indian children
  • Sociability in babies: research from Birkbeck's Babylab shows that infants of adults who feel uncomfortable in social situations are more likely to experience social discomfort themselves and is reported in Your Autism magazine [no link]
  • Bedlam: Birkbeck alumna Anna Jamieson writes about the history of the Bedlam mental hospital and its place in the public imagination in History Today
  • The cult next door: Dr Alexandra Stein reviews BBC2's 'The cult next door' in The Psychologist [no link]
  • Bannon and antisemitism: Dr Dave Rich analyses White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's attitude to Jews in Haaretz

January 2017

  • Prevent: Professor Bill Bowring was interviewed on LBC radio about the Prevent strategy (no link)
  • Computer algorithms in recruitment:Dr Chris Dewberry comments on the reliability of computer algorithms in selecting suitable job candidates in Raconteur's special report on Talent Management
  • Toddlers and iPads: The TABLET project is mentioned in an article about children's use of tablet computers and smartphones (no link)
  • Bank of England interest rates: Professor Anne Sibert has advised the Bank of England to increase interest rates and warns that Brexit is still a risk, reports The Times (no link)
  • REF questions: Professor Martin Eve comments on the REF and how credit will be shared between institutions that have contributed to a piece of research, in Research Fortnight (no link)
  • Alumni programmes: Birkbeck's alumni programme is highlighted in University Business (no link)
  • Helen Reece: Daniel Monk writes Dr Helen Reece's obituary for the Guardian. Helen worked in the Law School at Birkbeck fro 1998 to 2009
  • Annette Karmiloff-SmithThe Psychologist publishes Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith's obituary. Annette worked in Birkbeck's Department of Psychological Sciences from 2006 to 2016 (no link)
  • Babies and language: Dr Teodora Gliga discusses early brain development and language learning on BBC World News (link not available)
  • Experimental literature: Dr Mark Blacklock discusses experimental novels with Eimar McBride and Matthew Sweet on BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking
  • Consumption and the environment: Prof Frank Trentmann writes for the Guardian about why decluttering our cupboards won't save the planet
  • Lammy and night schools: In a letter in the Evening Standard , Prof David Latchman praised David Lammy MP for raising the issue of the importance of evening learning
  • Heligoland: Prof Jan Ruger's new book Hegiloland. Britain, Germany and the Struggle for the North Sea is reviewed in The Sunday Times (no link)
  • Design recognition: Birkbeck's new visual identity is covered in Design Week
  • Work-Life balance: a new study by Dr McDowall on the need for employers to help staff balance their personal and professional lives has received coverage in several outlets
  • Jah Wobble: Birkbeck alumnus Jah Wobble (John Wardle) describes studying at Birkbeck as "the best thing [he] ever did" in an interview with Skiddle
  • HE bill: Jonathan Woodhead writes about why part-time HE should be a priority in the government's HE bill for WonkHE
  • Freud for our times: Prof Daniel Pick presents a BBC Radio 4 programme about psychoanalysis today
  • Artistic direction: Birkbeck alumnus Jez Pike has become the artistic director of the Maddermarket Theatre and received widespread coverage in regional media

December 2016

  • New antisemitism definition:Prof David Feldman writes for The Guardian about whether the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of antisemitsm will help Jewish people
  • Values and Brexit: Prof Eric Kaufmann's research into the influence of culture and personality on Brexit voting intentions is covered in Vice
  • Touchscreens and toddlers: Dr Celeste Cheung writes for the LSE Parenting for a digital future blog about the effects of touchscreen use on toddler development
  • Prisons and crime: Prof Mike Hough writes to The Times  in response to a letter by Michael Howard to argue that long prison sentences are not the most effective way to lower crime rates (behind paywall)
  • New Year's Honours: Prof Claire Callender's OBE and Prof Antony Beevor's Knighthood are included in coverage of this year's New Year's Honours
  • Arms exports and Brexit: Prof Ron Smith writes for The Conversation about the future of arms exports after Brexit
  • Mount Paektu: Research into the volcano Mount Paektu by a team of North Korean, UK and US scientists, including Birkbeck's Dr James Hammond, is described by Portail SFR (in French)
  • Opportunity and integration: Dr Ben Gidley responds to the Casey Review into Opportunity and Integration in Britain for The Sociological Review
  • Women ex-prisoners and business: Catherine Heard was interviewed by the BBC World Service about women ex-prisoners who go into business after release (from 11 mins, 5 secs and again from 22 mins, 50 secs)
  • Science in North Korea: Geophysicist Dr James Hammond talks about the challenges of conducting scientific research in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, the formal name for North Korea) in the New York Times
  • Brexit and autism research: Prof Mark Johnson talks to Spectrum about his concerns over how Brexit will affect funding opportunities and international collaborations in autism research
  • Politics and the Internet: Dr Andrea Ballatore writes for The Conservation about the role of the internet in recent political events
  • Creative writing: The Bookseller covers the exciting news that Birkbeck's Creative Writing anthology - Mechanics' Institute Review, will now accept submissions from writers across the UK
  • A copy and paste nation: Namibian Chevening scholar Twama Nambili writes about the pit falls of copying foreign business policies and offers advice to those doing business in Namibia in the Namibia Economist
  • White avoidanceProf Eric Kaufmann responded to the publication of the Casey Review for Policy Exchange's blog and his argument has been covered by the Huffington Post
  • Lunar exploration: Prof Ian Crawford comments on ESA's future plans for lunar and planetary exploration in Nature

November 2016

  • Christina Julios featured as a specialist contributor in the Peninsula Television production, 'The Day I Should Have Died',
  • Career interview: Dr Dermot Hudson was interviewed by the Free Think Tank about his career and current research
  • Professional rugby and part-time study: Rugby player and Birkbeck Law student Rory Brand talks to SW Londoner about his ambitions
  • Zizek on Castro: International Director of the Birkbeck Institue of the Humanities Slavoj Zizek writes about Castro and the Cuban Revolution for El Mundo (in Spanish)
  • White nationalism: Prof Eric Kaufmann's comments on white nationalism are quoted in Town and Country magazine
  • Teresa May and feminism: Prof Rosie Campbell comments on the differences between Thatcher and May in their attitude to women in Marie Claire [no link]
  • White nationalism: Prof Eric Kaufmann's comments on white nationalism are quoted in Marie Claire, The Washingon Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Vox, Buzzfeed and The Times
  • Sociability in babies: A new study from Birkbeck's Babylab, which may help us understand more about the development of autism-related traits was reported in Nursing Standard
  • Nurturing the sceptial mind: MA Contemporary History and Politics student Gaby Suarez comments on the benefits of studying history at postgraduate level in the Independent
  • Platimum wedding: Birkbeck alumnus Alan Boatman celebrated 70 years of marriage with his wife Iris
  • How an academic approach to art led to a dream job: Birkbeck alumna Inga Fraser writes for the Guardian about how her MA History of Art helped her land her dream job at Tate Britain
  • RAF gunner swaps uniform for gown and mortar board: A profile of former soldier and now Birkbeck graduate Paul Croney in the South London Press
  • Misogyny in the US election: Jessica Smith discusses the role that misogyny played in the results of the US Presidential election on BBC Radio Berkshire (from 1 hour, 20 minutes)
  • Big question: Prof Robert Singh was one of a panel of contributers to Prospect magazine, answering the questions 'Is Trump's election good news for Britain?'
  • Babies and screentime: Dr Tim Smith is quoted by Day Nurseries on the importance of guidelines for how much and in what ways children should use tablets or smartphones
  • The Interward World: Prof Joanna Bourke reviews Philip Ziegler's Between the Wars: 1919-1939 in BBC History magazine
  • Birkbeck's astronaut: Birkbeck alumna Helen Sharman's story is told by The News Today (Bangladesh)
  • Grandmothers and autism: Dr Angelica Ronald comments in a story about the valuable contribution grandmothers can make to research into autism in The Atlantic
  • Trump and white identity politics: Prof Eric Kaufmann is quoted on the reasons people voted for Trump by Buzzfeed
  • Sociability in babies: the Evening Standard covered a new study from the Birkbeck Babylab, which showed that infants at low risk of autism whose parents are uncomfortable in social situations show the same brain responses to other people as infants who later go on to develop autism
  • Trump: Prof Eric Kaufmann explains why concerns over the economy can not explain Trump's election as US President in the LSE Politics and Policy blog and the New Statesman and the research is also covered by the Independent. His research is also mentioned in a New York Times story seeking to understand Trump's electoral victory and by Germany's Deutsche Welle
  • Chakrabarti peerage: Prof David Feldman's comments on the impact of timing of Chakrabarti's peerage to the credibility of her investigation into antisemitism in the Labour party, of which Prof Feldman was vice-chair are quoted in the Jewish News 
  • Mature students: The Jewish Chronichle covers the story of 85-year-old Birkbeck History of Art graduate Trevor Grossmark
  • Life and death at the limits: Prof Roger Luckhurst writes about zombie psychology for The Psychologist magazine
  • Shake, rattle and roll:  The Psychologist magazine reviews a new theatre show, created in collaboration with scientists from Birkbeck's Babylab
  • A crisis of White identity: Prof Eric Kaufmann's research into changes in the distribution of different ethnic groups in the UK has been covered in the Guardian, the Daily Mail and The Hindu. His research into what people would be prepared to pay for reduced migration was mentioned in Progress online, and he has commented on White people's attitudes to immigration in The New York Times 
  • More heat than light: Dr Frederick Cowells unpacks the implications of the Hight Court's ruling that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval in Left Foot Forward
  • Disappearing books: Dr Andrea Ballatore writes about the latest sales trends of e-books in the New Boston Post

October 2016

September 2016