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  • Burnout among oncologists (Guardian): Dr Caroline Kamau and PhD student Asta Medisauskaite's paper on alarming levels of burnout and stress in oncologists.
  • How voters decide (BBC Radio 4: Analysis): Professor Rosie Campbell presents this episode, looking athow voters make decisions on who to vote for.
  • Home truths (BBC1): Dr Paul Watt takes part in a documentary about the places we call home.
  • Trump and the Alt-Right (Sky News): Professor Eric Kaufmann is interviewed about Trump and the Alt-Right movement.
  • General strike against Trump (Washington Post): Professor John Kelly writes about the success and regularity of previous general strikes.
  • Trump and Russia (Share Radio): Professor Robert Singh is interviewed about Trump and his links to Russia.
  • Cold War lessons (Chatham House magazine - The World Today): Professor Daniel Pick and Dr Sara Marks write about how Cold War era ideas of brainwashing and mind control can offer lessons for thinking about radicalisation and de-radicalisation today
  • Empty prisons (Seattle Times, International New York Times, El Periodico de Mexico and others): Data from Birkbeck's ICPR is quoted in widespread news coverage about the Netherlands' surplus of prison cells.
  • Welcoming Britain? (History Extra): Professor David Feldman writes about Britain's mixed historial record on welcoming refugees.
  • Autism detection (Health Medicine Network) : a new project involving researchers from Birkbeck's Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development aims to introduce new low-cost ways of detecting autism in Indian children
  • Sociability in babies (Your Autism magazine [no link]): research from Birkbeck's Babylab shows that infants of adults who feel uncomfortable in social situations are more likely to experience social discomfort themselves.
  • Bedlam (History Today): Birkbeck alumna Anna Jamieson writes about the history of the Bedlam mental hospital and its place in the public imagination.
  • The cult next door (The Psychologist [no link]): Dr Alexandra Stein reviews BBC2's 'The cult next door'.
  • Bannon and antisemitism (Haaretz): Dr Dave Rich analyses White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's attitude to Jews.

January 2017

  • Prevent (LBC radio [no link]): Professor Bill Bowring was interviewed about the Prevent strategy
  • Computer algorithms in recruitment (Talent Management): Dr Chris Dewberry comments on the reliability of computer algorithms in selecting suitable job candidates in Raconteur's special report.
  • Toddlers and iPads (no link): The TABLET project is mentioned in an article about children's use of tablet computers and smartphones.
  • Bank of England interest rates (The Times [no link]): Professor Anne Sibert has advised the Bank of England to increase interest rates and warns that Brexit is still a risk.
  • REF questions (Research Fortnight [no link]): Professor Martin Eve comments on the REF and how credit will be shared between institutions that have contributed to a piece of research.
  • Alumni programmes (University Business [no link]): Birkbeck's alumni programme is highlighted.
  • Helen Reece (Guardian): Daniel Monk writes Dr Helen Reece's obituary. Helen worked in the Law School at Birkbeck from 1998 to 2009.
  • Annette Karmiloff-Smith (The Psychologist [no link]): publishes Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith's obituary. Annette worked in Birkbeck's Department of Psychological Sciences from 2006 to 2016.
  • Babies and language (BBC World News [link not available]): Dr Teodora Gliga discusses early brain development and language learning.
  • Experimental literature (BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking): Dr Mark Blacklock discusses experimental novels with Eimar McBride and Matthew Sweet.
  • Consumption and the environment (Guardian): Professor Frank Trentmann writes about why decluttering our cupboards won't save the planet.
  • Lammy and night schools (Evening Standard): In a letter, Professor David Latchman praised David Lammy MP for raising the issue of the importance of evening learning.
  • Heligoland (The Sunday Times [no link]): Professor Jan Ruger's new book Hegiloland. Britain, Germany and the Struggle for the North Sea is reviewed.
  • Design recognition (Design Week): Birkbeck's new visual identity.
  • Work-Life balance: a new study by Dr McDowall on the need for employers to help staff balance their personal and professional lives has received coverage in several outlets.
  • Jah Wobble (Skiddle): Birkbeck alumnus Jah Wobble (John Wardle) describes studying at Birkbeck as "the best thing [he] ever did" in an interview.
  • HE bill (WonkHE): Jonathan Woodhead writes about why part-time HE should be a priority in the government's HE bill.
  • Freud for our times (BBC Radio 4): Professor Daniel Pick presents a programme about psychoanalysis today.
  • Artistic direction: Birkbeck alumnus Jez Pike has become the artistic director of the Maddermarket Theatre and received widespread coverage in regional media.

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