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Birkbeck Futures launch brand new online career programmes

The new programmes will enhance career skills and opportunities for students and graduates at every stage of their career.

Birkbeck attracts a hugely diverse student cohort, bringing together individuals at various points in their career to learn alongside each other. Every student has their own ambitions and they are supported at every phase of their career journey; whether they join Birkbeck fresh from college to start their career path, explore a transition to another field or progress further in their current sector. 

Birkbeck Futures supports students and graduates throughout their career, from polishing job applications and securing their next role, to upskilling themselves and developing their networks to progress in their journey. The career support provided is now expanding even further with dedicated programmes that students and recent graduates can access that are tailored to their specific career context.

The new programmes, which will be accessible from the start of the summer term in April, include: 

  • Early Career e-learning programme
  • Career Change e-learning programme
  • Established Career e-learning programme 

Students select the programme that best describes their current career context; if they are at the early stages of their career journey, making a career change, or already have a range of experience behind them. 

Each programme consists of three stages, taking students on a journey that will enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence to progress further in their career. Students complete a tailored questionnaire that will assess their current confidence in various areas, allowing them to be directed to the most suitable stage to begin their learning journey. 

Lucy Crittenden, Employability Consultant with Birkbeck Futures, reflects on the team’s journey in building the programmes: “The project was conceived in late 2019 and we are especially excited to be launching it to our students and recent graduates within 6 months. Using the extensive knowledge and specialist capabilities of all of the Futures team, along with Abintegro’s technical innovation, we have created three programmes that will provide tailored support to our diverse student population and help them succeed in their future careers.  A huge thank you to everyone involved.”

Jenna Davies, Careers and Enterprise Manager, said: “Too often, career support for students focuses on traditional undergraduates starting their careers. Birkbeck’s unique position as an evening institution means we are fortunate to accommodate this group as well as individuals who are changing careers and those who have decades of experience in a range of areas. Our new online programmes take our support to another level, providing tailored content specific to our students’ diverse needs.” 

The online programmes are available to current Birkbeck students as well as those who have graduated in the past three years. They can be accessed via the Online Careers Portal via the My BBK Profile. For questions about the programmes, please contact

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