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Department of Biological Sciences will welcome Dr Onisha Patel on a prestigious travel fellowship

Professor Carolyn Moores and her lab team will host structural biologist, Dr Onisha Patel , as she takes up her France and Europe Mobility grant funded through the Rod Rickards Fellowships, awarded by the Australian Academy of Science, to pursue her research in a European lab.

Portrait photograph of Dr Onisha Patel at her desk.
Dr Onisha Patel - source: Dr Patel

Dr Patel’s research focuses on visualising proteins (protein kinases and pseudokinases) linked to many types of cancers using structural biology techniques and she’s a researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia. She is looking forward to working with Professor Moores on understanding the regulation of microtubule binding proteins that are linked to cancer and gaining experience in cryo-electron microscopy at an internationally recognised centre of excellence. She’s been recognised by the Science and Technology Australia as one of Australia’s superstars of STEM, to smash gender stereotypes of female scientists and inspire others by being visible role models.

Opportunities to support early- and mid-career researchers in taking their research to new international labs have benefits for both the scientists and the hosting labs, as Professor Moores explains: 'We are looking forward to welcoming Onisha, and to learning from her expertise in these important cancer-related proteins. '

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