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Study Tools: Reject Plagiarism: Learn to Love your Referencing System (Part 1): WHAT ARE Plagiarism and Collusion?

Are you anxious about plagiarism? Have you already been in trouble for 'copying' illegitimately? This workshop will give you the opportunity to ask all those awkward questions about plagiarism and referencing that you are too embarrassed, or too scared, to ask about elsewhere.

This workshop tackles two basic questions:

1. What ARE plagiarism, and collusion? 2. Why does Birkbeck College take these 'Assessment Offences' so seriously?

What constitutes plagiarism and Collusion? How may they happen?

Plagiarism is transferring, copying, or drawing on material from other people's work without acknowledgement, and representing it AS THOUGH it were entirely your own. Even if you create this impression by mistake, it will get you into trouble. Collusion is the INAPPROPRIATE involvement of other people in the production of your essay.

This workshop explores various kinds of plagiarism, intentional or otherwise, and considers how a student might fall into these traps. We examine some sample cases to decide whether or not they fit the categories. We discuss the 'washing-line' essay.

What are the consequences of plagiarism and collusion

We consider how BOTH plagiarism AND collusion are deeply damaging to the individual student and to the academic community as a whole. We investigate how plagiarism and collusion are dealt with in Birkbeck College.


Please make a note of any questions or perplexities you may have. It is helpful to share experiences in the safe space of a workshop such as this.

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Theme tags: Academic Skills, Academic writing, Critical thinking, Essay writing, Plagiarism, Reading and note-taking skills, Research skills, Study skills, Writing skills