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Language and Grammar Workshop: 'Not a complete sentence' (Part 2): Phrases, Clauses, Agreement in Sentences

This workshop builds on our attention in Part 1 to the ways in which verbs behave in statements and in sentences. We begin by reviewing BRIEFLY the troublesome matter of '-ing' words, danglers and sentence fragments which we explored in Part 1.

The trouble with clauses: making sense in sentences

In this session, we focus on troublesome clauses. How can an expression contain a complete verb, or verbs, and still not communicate accurately? We explore transitivity, dependency, and where to place clauses in sentences for clear communication of meaning.

We consider the advantages of not creating sprawling sentences which ramble on and on over lines and lines and lines of text to include too many different points and separate matters and how to fix them - as, for example, in THIS sentence.

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