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Language and Grammar Workshop: 'Not a complete sentence' (Part 1): Verbs in Formal Academic Expression: 'Danglers' and Fragments

Students are often mystified by the marginal comment in their essays: 'Not a complete sentence'. What does this mean in an academic context? Is it a grammatically accurate expression?

What do verbs DO in sentences? Why do we need them?

We start by returning to basics. By means of on-the-spot experiments, we explore the functions of verbs in statements. We learn to distinguish between phrases and clauses.

The CV of '--ing' words

We test whether this distinction matters by examining the status of '-ing' words. We investigate what danglers and sentence fragments do to the intelligibility and accuracy of statements.

Prepare to be amused.

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Theme tags: Academic english, Academic Skills, Academic writing, Communication Skills, Essay writing, Writing skills