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Study Tools: Reject Plagiarism: Learn to Love your Referencing System (Part 2): How to USE your Referencing System in your Essays

Are you anxious about plagiarism? Have you already been in trouble for 'copying' illegitimately? This week's workshop will allay your fears by showing you how to protect yourself against such mishaps and show off the quality and intelligent use of your reading and research at the same time.

Having last week thoroughly explored the issues, we move on to the cheerful matter of learning about the best safeguard against plagiarism and collusion: understanding WHY, WHEN and HOW to use a referencing system. IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO ATTEND LAST WEEK, YOU WILL NOT BE DISADVANTAGED since we will begin by briefly reviewing last week’s discussions.

Sorting out the terminology and its accompanying referencing requirements:

What is the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and simply showing THAT you have drawn on a source? Are these different categories of 'information transfer' referenced in the same way? If not, how do we reflect these differences on the page?

The features common to all referencing systems:

We will identify the basic elements common to all referencing stylesheets: Quotation and paraphrase (WHAT you use); citation (showing in the course of the essay WHERE you found 'it'); bibliography (the LIST of sources at the end of your essay).


Please make a note of any questions or perplexities you may have. It is helpful to share experiences in the safe space of a workshop such as this.

This course is not currently timetabled. You can add your name to a waiting list if you are interested in attending at a future date.

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