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Financial support for MPhil/PhD students

At MPhil/PhD level, there is limited funding. MPhil/PhD students are expected to have made realistic provision at the start of their course to fund their tuition fees, course costs and living costs.

In addition to academic requirements, applicants for funded research studentships may need to satisfy specific residency requirements set by the sponsor. Full details of eligibility requirements are made available when studentships are advertised.

Students who are able to secure their own funding (e.g. from a sponsor or through self-funding) will be asked to demonstrate that they have made provision for maintenance and study costs for at least 3 years of full-time study.

School of Arts funding

School of Business, Economics and Informatics funding

School of Law funding

School of Science funding

School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy funding

Other funding

What you can apply for after you start your course