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‘The Future of Energy’ Drawing Competition. Co-organised with Saijo City, Japan

In June–September 2016, the MCE organised a drawing competition in Saijo City, Ehime, Japan. With the generous support from the Saijo City Office and the cooperation of the regional Education Board, we solicited entries from local primary, secondary and high schools.

As the result, we received total 491 entries to the competition. Some entries came from individuals but most of the entries came from schools, where drawing competition was picked up as an extracurricular session.

We selected five first prizes, six second prizes and twenty third prizes according to the selection guidelines we drew up. All entries, along with prize winners’ drawings were exhibited at the Saijo Culture Centre on 19 November 2016, when we presented the prizes to prize winners in a public event. The prize winners’ drawings were also shown on slideshow during the public event.

IMG_0023 IMG_0075

The competition sparked interest in energy problems among schoolchildren in the city. Through participating in the competition, competition participants were encouraged to think more about their use of energy than they normally do. Some participants incorporated a message to cherish the earth through the careful use of its resources. Some depicted a scene of the future energy life with technological development, while others focused on negative aspects of what the future will hold. A number of participants reported that, by participating in the competition, they came to think more carefully about the issue of energy, which, until then, they took for granted.

First Prize Winners

最優秀賞 大政菫

Sumire Omasa, ‘The Earth in the Past and Future’


最優秀賞 小山里寧

Rine Koyama, ‘Towards the Future with the Power of Wind, Water and Thunder’


最優秀賞 明日萌樺

Moeka Akehi, ‘New Era’

最優秀賞 橋本心愛

Cocoa Hashimoto, ‘Massage Machines in the Future’


最優秀賞 河端起生

Tatsuki Kawabata, ‘From the Past to the Future’


Second Prize Winners

優秀賞 大南響

Hibiki Ominami, ‘Summer Vacation in the Greenhouse’

優秀賞 戸田拓海

Takumi Toda, ‘The Earth Battery’


優秀賞 渡辺大湖

Daigo Watanabe, No Title


優秀賞 西原百香

Momoka Nishihara, ‘Bringing Energy to the Future’


優秀賞 越智瑛祐

Eisuke Ochi, ‘The Evolution of the Air Cleaner’


優秀賞 近藤翔月

Shogetsu Kondo, ‘Human Solar Panel’


The event’s impact will be long-term, due to the publicity work during the competition (thanks to the cooperation of the City Office and local media) and the ‘participation prize’, solar LED torches, distributed to all participants, which will remind them of their taking part in the drawing competition and how hard they thought about the theme of energy future and society.

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