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Geoff's areas of interest are:

  • Corporate governance in sport
  • Board processes
  • Organizational responses to corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • The governance and management of social partnerships

Current research

Geoff's current research focuses on understanding board processes. He is involved in case study research that seeks to explore how boards function; the ways in which boards collectively make decisions and how these are implemented within the organisation; the dynamics between board members that influence how effective the board is seen to be; and how the wider institutional context impacts upon board processes. This research is grounded in qualitative methods as a way to provide insight into these processes.

Funded Research projects

2013-16: Processes of governance within non-profit sport organisations (with Dr Richard Tacon, Birkbeck). Research based on longitudinal, non-participant observation, semi-structured interviews and document analysis within a national governing body of sport in the UK. Funded by the BEI School Research Grant scheme (£12,000)

2013: Better Boards, Stronger Sport: Governance in non-profit sport in Europe (with Dr Richard Tacon, Birkbeck). We undertook a cross-national comparison of codes of governance in six European countries and compiled international case studies of governance processes as part of a project aimed at increasing awareness of board governance across Europe. Funded by the EU (led by the Sport and Recreation Alliance) (£12,000)

2011: Corporate social responsibility in European football (with Dr Richard Tacon, Birkbeck). Survey based research across all top division football clubs and national associations in 53 European countries examining key aspects of CSR. Funded by the UEFA Universities Research Grant Programme (€17,000)

2010: Governance in national governing bodies of sport in the UK (with Dr Richard Tacon and Dr. Linda Trenberth, Birkbeck). Survey research across all national governing bodies of sport in the UK examining various board issues. Funded by the BEI School Research Grant scheme (£4,300).

2004-2007: Corporate governance in the Football Industry: A stakeholder analysis. A three year PhD project examining the governance relationships between various stakeholders in the football industry. Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (three year PhD scholarship).

Dr Geoff Walters

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