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My current research examines how can universities support business innovation, the role of universities as drivers of economic development and growth, intellectual property rights and innovation, and policies in support of business innovation. Recently I have also been studying the impact of knowledge transfer activities, and metrics for performance measurement in knowledge transfer and innovation.

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When do collaborations with universities generate long term opportunities for business?

Businesses need alignment capabilities to co-create knowledge with universities

What drives efficiency in knowledge transfer? Dr Federica Rossi, lecturer in business economics discusses increasing expectations on universities to demonstrate the positive economic and social impacts of their activities, and her research into measuring the efficiency of their efforts.

Policies for innovation networks: Do requirements on network composition work? Policy requirements on the composition of innovation networks should be used sparingly, as they can be counterproductive to fostering network effectiveness, as well as learning and experimentation.

Do we need public research funding? The last few decades have witnessed the increasing privatisation of the public sphere - even in the realms of education and research, which, until recently, almost exclusively pertained to the public sector. Some argue that even scientific research would be more efficient if it was fully in private hands. Dr Federica Rossi and Professor Aldo Geuna make a case for the importance of public funding of science in the knowledge economy.

How does academic research really benefit business? Recent in-depth studies of companies that work with academics challenge some commonly held ideas about technology transfer. Dr Federica Rossi and Professor Aldo Geuna look at the evidence to determine the most effective ways that research can help business. Link to our new book

Should taxpayers still fund university education at a time of crisis? With the recent financial and debt crisis, the extent to which the public can afford to fund universities has become increasingly controversial: in the context of tight public budgets and widespread cuts to public spending, even in areas perceived as basic services to support the more vulnerable members of society, what reasons could there possibly be for continuing to fund a “luxury” like higher education?  Dr Federica Rossi and Professor Aldo Geuna consider the viability of publicly funded universities and their alternatives.

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