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Research Interests

Rebecca’s research investigates the micro-practices of organizations and markets. First, she study financial markets, specifically the reinsurance industry. In particular, investigating the various practices through which markets are constructed, using a social-practice theory and Social Studies of Finance perspective (research monologue, Oxford University Press). Second, she study strategizing in pluralistic and complex organizational settings, largely drawing from paradox theory. Third, aligned with a practice-theoretical approach she have developed a strong background in ethnography; publishing insights into global team -based ethnography and systematic analysis and reporting of observation data.

Research Projects

Rebecca’s most recent project has been a team ethnography into the global reinsurance industry that studies risk-trading practices. From 2011 Rebecca was involved in multiple aspects of the project, from ethnographic data collection, analysis, practitioner engagement, and (ongoing) academic outputs. One output of this project has been a co-authored (with Paula Jarzabkowski and Paul Spee) research monograph: Making a market for Acts of God: Risk-trading in the Global Reinsurance Sector; which has already received endorsements from leading academics and industry executives:

Research Communities and Workshops

Rebecca was elected as Representative-at-Large as part of Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group at the Academy of Management.

Rebecca has  been involved in organizing mini-conference for three key communities she is part of: Strategy-as-Practice, Paradox Theory and Socializing Risk (Social Studies of Finance).


Rebecca is an ad-hoc reviewer for: Human Relations Long Range Planning; Journal of Management Studies; Organization Studies; Organization Research Methods.