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Book Chapters

Paradox in everyday practice (with Jane Le). 2017, forthcoming. Oxford Handbook of Organizational Paradox: Approaches to plurality, tensions, and contradictions. P. Jarzabkowski, A. Langely, M. Lewis, & W. Smith (eds). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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Teaching Publications

2013- Global Reinsurance Masterclass Series; Strategic thinking for the reinsurance industry:

‘Masterclass 1: Re-think reinsurance: How to shape your future through strategic understanding of global market forces (with Jarzabkowski, P., M. Smets and A. Allocato) Global Reinsurance Masterclass Series. Cass Business School.

‘Masterclass 2: Fit for purpose? How to tailor reinsurance products to insurance industry lifecycles.’ (with Jarzabkowski, P., M. Smets and A. Allocato) Global Reinsurance Masterclass Series. Cass Business School.

‘Masterclass 4: Be a better reinsurer: How to align structure, knowledge and roles for operational excellence.’ (with P. Jarzabkowski, G. Burke and A. Allocato) Global Reinsurance Masterclass Series, Cass Business School.

‘Masterclass 6: Intelligent matchmaking: How to maximize value from broking.’ (with P. Jarzabkowski, L. Cabantous and A. Allocato) Global Reinsurance Masterclass Series. Cass Business School.

Refereed Teaching Cases:

2010. Negotiating, power and strategic competition: A teaching case (Ahn, M. &  Sutherland, K.) Education + Training, 52 (4): 321 – 339

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Teaching Cases in Books:

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Practitioner reports and articles

2014. Changing competitive dynamics in the reinsurance industry: Implications of changes in buyer behavior for reinsurance executives (with P. Jarzabkowski and L. Cabantous). Journal of Financial Perspectives. Ernst Young Global Financial Services Institute. 2(1): 1-11.

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