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Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

De Silva, M., Wang, P. and Kuah,T.H.A. (2020). Why wouldn’t green appeal drive purchase intention? Moderation effects of consumption values in the UK and China. Journal of Business Research. DOI: (ABS: 3)

De Silva, M., Khan, Z., Vorley,T., and Zeng, J (2020). Transcending the pyramid: opportunity co-creation for social innovation. Industrial Marketing Management, 89, 471-486 DOI:  (ABS: 3)

De Silva, M., Al-Tabbaa, O., and Khan, Z (2019). Business Model Innovation by International Social Purpose Organizations: the Role of Dynamic Capabilities. Journal of Business Research. DOI: (ABS: 3)

Zeng, J., Khan, Z. and De Silva, M (2019). The Emergence of Multi-sided Platform MNEs: Internalization Theory and Networks. International Business Review, 28:6, 101598 DOI: (ABS: 3)

De Silva, M. and Wright, M (2019). Entrepreneurial Co-creation: Societal Impact through Open Innovation. R&D Management Journal, 49:3, 318-342 DOI: (ABS: 3)

[Among most downloaded articles in 2018/19 - R&D Management Journal]

Meyer, M.S., Grant, K., Kuusisto, J., De Silva, M., Flowers, S., and Choksy, U.S. (2018). Towards New Triple Helix Organisations? A Comparative Study of Competence Centres as Knowledge, Consensus and Innovation Spaces. R&D Management DOI: (ABS: 3)

De Silva, M., Rossi, F. (2018). The effect of firms’ relational capabilities on knowledge acquisition and co-creation with universities. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 133, 72-84. DOI: (ABS: 3)

[Best Paper Award in Innovation at the British Academy of Management Conference- 2016]

Rosli, A., De Silva, M, Rossi, F., and Yip, N. (2018). The long-term impact of engaged scholarship: how do SMEs capitalise on their engagement with academics to explore new opportunities? International Small Business Journal, 36 (4), 400-428. DOI: (ABS: 3)

[Best Paper Award in Innovation at the British Academy of Management Conference - 2015]

De Silva, M., Howells J., Meyer, M. (2018). Innovation intermediaries and collaboration: Knowledge–based practices and internal value creation. Research Policy, 47 (1), 70-87 DOI: (ABS: 4*; Financial Times ranked Top 50 Journals)

[Among most downloaded articles in 2018 - Research Policy]

Del Giudice, M., Khan, Z., De Silva, M., Scuotto, V., Caputo, F., Carayannis,E.. (2017). The microlevel actions undertaken by owner‐managers in improving the sustainability practices of cultural and creative small and medium enterprises: A United Kingdom–Italy comparison. Journal of Organizational Behaviour, 38 (9), 1396-1414 DOI: (ABS: 4)

[Tenth Most Cited Article in 2019 - Journal of Organizational Behaviour]

De Silva, M (2016). ‘Academic entrepreneurship and normal academic duties in a resource constrained environment: synergy or rivalry?’ Studies in Higher Education, 14 (12), 2169-2183 DOI: - (ABS: 3)

Refereed Book Chapters

De Silva, L.R., Uyarra, Elvira and Oakey, Ray (2012). ‘Academic Entrepreneurship in a Resource Constrained Environment: Diversification and Synergistic Effects’ in Audretsch, D.B., Lehmann, E.E., Link, A.N., and Starnecker, A. (eds.) Technology Transfer in a Global Economy. International Studies in Entrepreneurship Acs, Zoltan and Audretsch, David (series eds.), Vol 28: Springer, 73-97

De Silva, L.R. and Kodithuwakku, K.A.S.S. (2011).‘Pluriactivity, Entrepreneurship and Socio-economic Success of Farming Households’. in Gry Alsos, Sara Carter, Elisabet Ljunggren and Friederike Welter (eds). The Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Rural Development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, pp. 38-53.

Practitioner Journal Articles

De Silva, Muthu (2013) ‘University-business collaboration should be a two-way street. Research Fortnight. View from the top. 27 November 2013.

De Silva, Muthu (2014) ‘Learning to lead’. Total Politics. March edition.

Reports (Selected)

Andersen, B., De Silva, M., and Levy, C (2013) ‘Collaborate to innovate: How business can work with universities to generate knowledge and drive innovation’. A collaborative work between the Big Innovation Centre and Intellectual Property Office

De Silva, Muthu and Andersen, B (2015) ‘Technology and innovation centres contributing to Europe 2020: How to generate value through EU funding’. A Collaborative work between the Big Innovation Centre and Innovate UK (former Technology Strategy Board).